Thursday, April 21, 2005

What Color is Your Poop?

Not quite the topic you may want to read about but, since this is about my parent’s influence on me as a parent, as well as it is the name of the blog, I figured what the hell.

When we were young, my 7 brothers, 1 sister and I and we did not feel well my mother usually asked the normal questions. “What hurts?” “Do you have a headache?” “ Do you feel feverish?” then she would check with the hand-to-the-head thermometer. But one of the last questions was always “What color is your poop?”

We make fun of her on occasion for this question.
What diagnosis could she make from that? Would the color determine whether you had the flu? A cold?
The only thing I could ever determine was how much grape Kool-Aid I drank.
Now that I have Max, Lauren and I have definitely noticed a correlation to the color and the smell to how he is feeling. Now that the second set of teeth are coming in the color has changed as well as the smell, we are starting to figure out the diagnostic capabilities to “What color is your poop?”

To quote the Mrs., a few days ago, “It has a sweet corny smell to it, maybe we are feeding him too much corn.”
I can’t wait for the kid to start drinking Kool-Aid.

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Unknown said...

Um. Ew.

Having said that, let me tell you this.

A certain family member is responsible for making and decorating the birthay cakes for our little clowns. Each one has had a birthday cake with some blue frosting in it for their first birthday. It's a little joke.

Blue frosting makes for some interesting diapers the following day.