Friday, April 01, 2005

Max the Cat

We have been waiting for Max to say his first words since the time he was born. Sure he makes sounds all of the time. He speaks fluent Infantese. He says things like da-da and nananannaaaa as well as other noises. But I honestly think, his first word was taught to him by Bogart, our cat. Bogart, who is over weight, is on week 4 of the Catkins diet. He is constantly whining and crying to get more food. He usually goes 10 minutes of constant meowing before he either gets fed or gives up. Maxfield has now mastered the word. MEOW. Not really the word but the sound Bogart makes. It usually goes like this.

Bogart: Meeeroowwww
Max: Meerooowww
Bogart: Mowwwwww
Max: Mowwwwww
Bogart: Mrrowwww
Max: Mrrowwww

At this time Lauren and I usually join in because it is too funny as well as too cute. So the four of us sit at the kitchen table and Meow for ten minutes. Max then realizes he is doing something funny and starts to clap hands. Clap hands usually ends the cat wailing session. I am sure our new neighbors think we are nuts.


Anonymous said...

Max does not like green eggs and ham.

Anonymous said...

William, you really have a way with words and relaying what it is like to be a new parent. I love it! Also, I am learning what it is like to live in Florida. Keep on bloggin'!