Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nuk Nuk Who's There?

From the time that Max was born I have refused to call any of his toys, blankets and or baby needs by any other name than what it actually is. A Pacifier is a pacifier. Not a bink, binky, paccy, pap, nook or nookie. Nookie is how Max was created. There are no ba ba's. Just bottles. There is no wooby, blankie or bankie. Just blankets. Max has not really had any sort of attachment to anything to give it a name except Murphy the Monkey. Max cannot say Murphy or Monkey so it does not make a difference. I am not saying that other people are wrong for giving these names to their pacifiers and what not. I am sure once Maxfield starts talking, we will start using cutes names for his toys and stuff. I am just against parents already assigning names to things before the kid does. I do not think I should be teaching him how to mispronounce things from the get go.

Well, we are trying to get him off the bottle. Lauren went out and bought a half sip cup and half bottle. It is made by a company called NUBY (with the little accent thing above the "U"). What do we call it? I wanted to call it the Nipple Cup. But Lauren felt that had a different meaning. We could call it the Suck Cup.UH, NO!!!

I mean we need to name it because when he is crying and Lauren says from the other room "Bill, Can you bring me the thing with the sip cup bottom and the half bottle nipple and half sip cup lid.",it is not going to work. Lauren thinks we should just call it a NUBY. Is it NOOBY or NUBBY or is NEW BUY? We need a name.


Unknown said...

NOOBY -- that's my vote. Nubby sounds like something else all together. :)

SierraBella said...

I'd just call it a cup. It's baby's first cup, right?
I also agree on not using baby words to name things. It's cruel to have to reteach words to a little child. (Especially if you taught them wrong from the beginning.)

Effie said...

Sippy cup? That way when he graduates to an actual sippy cup he'll have something to call it!

But I disagree--having kids learn the wrong names for things is sometimes fun. For example, my one cousin was just learning to talk and who people were. He asked me my name and I told him it was "Fred". He asked me again, and again and again and I always replied that my name was Fred. To this day (and he is now 10 and has a little sister who is 4) I am Fred. Teeheehee.

Another time, I was the babysitter for two little girls and I had to go through the daily routine of getting them up and dressed. I had a heck of a time getting to brush their hair so I told them that there were naughty little fairies who would like to build nests in their hair at night while they slept. Most of the time they were good but sometimes watch out! If we didn't brush their nests out in the morning they could become really painful and you really didn't want them living in your hair. They started believing that there really were fairies--my stories were very believable! I think they figured it out at about age 6 or 7 but still, it was fun for a while!

Kevin said...

I believe the accent (if it's the two little dots above a letter, is called either diaresis or an umlaut depending on it's intended funcition.

Anonymous said...

How come you are against having special names for a pacifier but you have plenty for a penis?

Anonymous said...

I'm all for whatever shuts the kid up. You can call it a pile of shit for all I care, just keep them quiet. You see, I prescribe to the self created method of Desert before Dinner. This method is used in all of my thinking. Why make the kid wait for the ice cream until after he eats all of his peas. He is going to eat it all anyway, right. So give him the damn icecream first, keep them quiet, then give them the healthy stuff. It works, trust me. A rose, by any other name, would still smell as sweet. Call it anything, just call it something, and give it to them fast. It's the peaceful way

Susie said...

I'd call it a sippy or sippy cup. All bottle things = bottle, all sippy cup type things = sippy cup. Then a cup is a crazy open top container with no nipple or spout when he's a bigger boy.

Joseph said...

I'm not so much one to assign 'names' to things as I am apt to assign 'pet names' to people and or animals.

Be my luck my child would end up with an identity crises, and lord knows that having to daddie's would be a challange right out of the gates. Somehow, I think we would manage and all come out just fine in the end.

I'm just one to make the most of the moments now and let some things work themselves out later. They are only this little right now. Everyday moves the further and further away from this moment.

Thanks for chiming in the other day.

Katie said...

I like the sound of Nooby. I think that is how it is pronounced. My niece has Nuby pacifiers, and I have always pronounced it Nooby. Either call it that, or Nuby-cup. I think that sounds just about right. I agree that Nipple Cup really sounds a tad perverted. Maxfield is too young to be asking for nipples.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I vote for cup, or sippy cup.

We don't use cute names for things either. Now that our daughter talks she tries to say Pacifier it sounds like Pa-Fa (and once I heard her say Pa-Fa-Ra!)
I think when they are talking it's cute regardless of the words they are saying :)