Sunday, April 10, 2005

Gas at the DMV

Max and I went to church this morning. He was well behaved, except he wanted to dance every time they played a song. Every time the lady sang I would say to Max, “ What did she do with the money?” He is not old enough to get it. Hell, he is not old enough to understand English. Anyway the singers at the church are really bad.

Lauren went to get her drivers license on Friday. She brought Maxfield of course. After about a 30 minute wait she finally gets called to the counter. Now at the DMV they have these curtain type things for privacy between each counter area. The DMV Lady calls Lauren up and tells her wait a minute “I’ll be right back”. So Lauren and Max are right “behind” the curtain. A long line of people waiting their turn are a few feet away. What does Max do? He farts! Really loud and long. Lauren was laughing when she told me the story, because she was afraid the people in line would have thought it was her. Max does have a great sense of humor.

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