Monday, April 18, 2005

Reasons for a Social Life

Lauren and I have been living in Florida now for 45 days now. No friends or family to speak of down here at this time. So besides shopping and fixing up the house and doing chores we entertain ourselves with some different conversations. I figured I would post the best.
Me: There was a murder in our backyard.
Lauren: What? When?
(I guess she was thinking before we moved in the house)
Me: About 5 minutes ago. There are still some left.
Lauren: What?
Me: There were 15 crows in the backyard. Look there are still some there.
Lauren: Oh.
Me: A murder is what you call a flock of crows or blackbirds.
Lauren: Yea I know but you scared me for a second there.

I forget when this one took place.
Lauren: You know the other night, when I kept waking you up because you were farting so loud.
Me: Yeah, I’m sorry about that.
Lauren: You only farted once.
Me: Really?
Lauren: Yeah. All the other times I was just messing with you.
Me: Why?
Lauren: I thought it was funny.

Last night while watching T.V. I was on the chair, Lauren on the couch and right next to her, Bogart the cat sleeping peacefully.
Lauren: Isn’t that the lady that was in that show with George Jefferson?
Me: No.
Lauren: No not the Jefferson’s but the spin off show.
Me: I don’t know what you are talking about.
Lauren: It was the show…I remember her and another lady singing “It’s Raining men”(Lauren starts to sing It’s raining Men)
Bogart Jumps up scared to death. I guess he really thought it was raining men.
Me: I don’t think the cat like your singing.
I am reading a book about Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of United States. Every now and then I will tell Lauren some tidbit of information I learned from the book. This was this morning’s conversation.
Me: Did you know a slaveholding president from the south occupied the presidency for 50 of 72 years following Washington’s first inauguration?
Lauren: Did you know (singing) The music train is on the tracks, listen to it go clickety clack.
This is from the Leap Frog music train.
Lauren: Can you tell I need to have more adult interaction?

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