Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Max got his first official haircut yesterday. Lauren says he was good. There were only a few crying moments but otherwise he was awesome. He sat in Lauren's lap as the lady cut his hair. He looks like a little boy again. When I got home, I walked up to him and lightly smacked the back of his head and said "Swat". I have no idea what that means. My dad used to do it to me and my brothers. As kids, whenever we would get a haircut my dad would "Swat" us. We couldn't wait to tell him we got a haircut so he would "Swat" us. He would just smack the back of your head, not hard or anything and flick his wrist and say "SWAT". We would say to each other " Did you get Swats?". Again, I have no idea, what the hell it means, but it was fun to Swat Max.

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Anonymous said...

My did exactly the same thing. Does anyone know where this ritual comes from.