Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wiggle/Bugaloo Debate

I am trying to find a suitable show for Max to watch. He of course likes Elmo’s World and Dr. Phil but I have yet to see something that totally keeps his interest. We watched the Wiggles the other day. I did not quite get it and Max only seemed interested for a few minutes at best. What the heck are the Wiggles? They remind me of the Bugaloos. But at least the Bugaloos were bugs. They had wings and could sing. Yea their nemisis lived in a giant Jukebox but at least they had an enemy. Do the Wiggles have any enemies? I really do not feel like watching it to find out. Especially since Max is more fascinated with Dr. Phil. Come to think of it Dr. Phil doesn't have enemies on his show either.

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