Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Luna's Life

Way back in 03 I used to write a blog about the dog. Luna's Log. It was written from her (Luna's) perspective. Since we have had Max, Luna has not been getting the attention she deserves. She is a great dog and is awesome to have around (most days). I stumbled upon some of her entries and figured I would post one here. This should make her happy.

Luna's Log 5/13/03
I like walking on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings. It is trash day in the neighborhood. There are all kinds of awesome smells. People throw away the greatest things. Like pizza crust. Why people don't eat pizza crust I will never figure out. Lauren does not eat hers. I love pizza crust. I found a piece by the curb and before Lauren and Bill could get it from me I had the whole thing in my mouth. Bill tried to pull it out but I bit down harder, right onto Bill's finger. He was mad. I don't know why, because I have seen him scarf down pizza before. Lauren said I am going to get worms. I think I am going to get pepperonis. I also like trash day because people leave out their recycling cans. There is always a little bit of food in them. Trash day is like a buffet for dogs. LUNA

I will try to include more of her writing in the future.

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Anonymous said...

If you keep this type of writing up, you will lose me as a reader. You don't see me writing things about what's going through my lawns mind while I'm cutting the grass. Do you.