Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tooth Un-Fairy

I got a call from my brother John asking about the photo of the moon that says “Max Loves MaMa and Pa.” Before we left for Florida my mom, whose grandchildren call MaMa (like Grand Ma Ma), wrote a story for Max. The basic gist of the story is that every time Max sees the moon he should say “I love you MaMa”, and every time that my mom sees the moon she will say “I love you Max.” Even though they live a thousand miles apart they can still share the moon. It was a nice story and whenever we see the moon I say for Max “I love you MaMa”.

While I was speaking with John he mentioned that his son needed a visit from the tooth fairy. He asked how much was too much to give him, not wanting to set a precedent and what not. John said, “I mean when we were growing up I used to get a dollar.” I said, “A dollar? I used to only get a quarter. And I am younger than you. Man I got ripped off."

MaMa has some explaining to do.

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