Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Good Customer Service

Lauren, Max and myself went to Publix (supermarket) tonight to pick up a few things. While we were checking out the cashier and the bagger (they have baggers down here in Florida. I have yet to bag my own groceries. It is amazing. They also offer to help carry your bags to you car, they know customer service in the south), anyway, the two ladies said to Lauren “Oh look how cute he is”. MY response was “Well thank you. What do you think of the baby?” This has been my response every time anyone has ever said that. Usually I get s snicker or a look. These two ladies….nothing. I am officially retiring that line. I know Lauren is very happy about it.

Lauren tried to call Dish Network earlier because we were having problems with the satellite. Did you know that the phone # for Dish Network is 1 digit off from a sex chat line? Lauren thought it was hilarious that when she dialed a recording came on and said,“Do you want to talk to the hottest, sexiest women?”. She hung up, redialed, and got Dish Network. I think the first line is better for customer service.

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