Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Lauren has been taking Maxfield to Gymboree. Basically it is a padded room, with padded toys, with other kids and their parents to run around and not get hurt (the kids not the parents). We met some other mothers and little kids Max’s age and Lauren and I are always surprised how big Max is in comparison to the kids his age. We always get the somewhat sideways glance from some woman who says with hesitation, “How old is he?” Like maybe Max should be in the next class up because this class is for kids just learning to walk and of course Max is too big to be in this class.
We respond with “13 months.” Then they always go “Ohhh, Oooh I thought he was 18 months or older”. Then the realization hits them that Max is not a total idiot and that the reason that he does not talk or walk too well is because he has only been alive for just over a year.
Then a little bit of guilt hits the woman that asks the question and they usually come back with a compliment like “ Well, he is a cutie.” Or “Look at that smile.” Or my personal favorite “Well, he sure is a HAPPY baby.” I always feel like responding by saying “Of course he's happy. He has two parents that love him and he gets to walk around with no pants on most of the time. Wouldn’t that make you happy?”
But,I never do.


Anonymous said...

It would make me happy if MY WIFE would walk around with no pants on.

Susie said...

Liam gets similar comments except most people respond with "He's a HEALTHY boy." Perhaps I should respond,"Yeah I prefer big and healthy to small and frail."