Friday, April 22, 2005

Here's an Example

I went to Gymboree yesterday during my lunch to watch Max play. I have never had the chance to see him really interact with other children. He is now at the age where, I think, it is important for him to be around other kids. I was the only father there. I felt a little uncomfortable. I don’t know why. But I did.
When I got back one of my co-workers commented on “Why” I would go. It was not a rude or malicious comment, more of a wise crack really. I feel lucky, that I only work 2.5 miles on two roads with a total of 4 traffic lights away from Gymboree that I can go and watch Max. But the comment got me to thinking. Why would I go?

My parents raised 9 kids. There is a 10-year age difference from the oldest to the youngest. My dad worked and my mom stayed home. My dad worked a lot. But he never missed a baseball game, a football game, basketball game, a band performance or a play or recital. He even coached each one of us at some point in either basketball or baseball. Sometimes he coached us twice in a sport. I remember he coached me in T-Ball. I was the catcher. I got to wear all the cool gear and pads. I was the catcher because my dad was the coach and he knew I would love to play catcher. My job was to catch the last out of the inning. It was an important job. **

He also coached my 7th grade and 11th grade intramural basketball teams. In between he was coaching my other siblings. The only time he would miss a game was if he was actually coaching another brother in a game. I can remember him coaching on little league field #2 and he would be facing field #1 because one of us was at bat on field #1. There is the coach facing the wrong field. Did he feel uncomfortable? Probably not. He was always there. He bent his schedule to be there for us. That is why I went to see Max at Gymboree. Because my dad set a good example. So thanks dad. Thanks for being there for us. Thanks for being a good example. I hope I can set a good example for Max.

**It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found out that the only reason why I was the catcher in T-ball was because as my dad said, “You were not that coordinated. I didn’t want you to get hurt. I figured having all the pads on would protect you”.
Again, thanks for looking out for me dad.


Random and Odd said...

my heart just officially melted.

Kevin said...

you made me a good way.

Unknown said...

Very cool!

When Punkin used to be at a daycare center right across the parking lot from me, I used to go over there nearly every day on my lunch hour to see her.

Susie said...

Way to go, William's dad. And Max's dad, too. If your dad doesn't read this blog, you at least have to let him read this post. That's right, I go around bossing people on their own blogs. You wanna make something of it?

Anonymous said...

we had a scorcher up here in phila on wednesday, so it was beach day at day care. it was nice to be able to cross the parking lot and see my son running through the sprinkler,screaming, and rubbing mud all over his belly.