Monday, April 25, 2005

Max's New Toy

Max has a new toy. While giving him his bath tonight Max found the one thing that will cause him so much pleasure and disappointment for the rest of his life. That's right. Maxfield found his Johnson. His pecker. His penis. He couldn't keep his hands off it. After he finished his bath and we put on his diaper he kept looking for it. I needed to distract him with whatever stuffed animals we had in the crib. Which I think is now going to cause him some problems. Because I was distracting him with Bear, and with the purple Horse and with Murphy the Monkey which are all decent euphemisms.


Unknown said...

Ha! Buddy does an "equipment check" every time I change his diaper.

Anonymous said...

I'd tease, but apparently girls do it, too. My daughter has taken to doing a lip smack every time I get her diaper off. Both hands, legs up, smack! I've learned me some countermeasuring moves to block her when there's a mess down there.