Thursday, March 31, 2005

Down at the DMV (yea you know me)

I am an official Florida resident now. This morning I went to get my Florida drivers license. It took an hour. 1 Hour. Which is amazing, because in PA when you just have to renew your license it takes at least three hours. Anyway the people at the DMV were normal. Not retired part timers. Not people with disabilities. Normal. I am all for people with disabilities working. I think it is great that the PA D.O.T. hires people like that, but in Florida normal people. So I go up to the lady behind the counter. She asks for all of my important ID. PA state driver license, birth certificate and what not. She is typing away on the computer and I say something like “Is this going to be complicated?” She shakes her head and then gives me the vision test. She then starts asking a bunch of questions like “Have you ever had your License suspended or revoked?”, “Have you ever been treated for alcohol or drug abuse?”, “Have you ever been convicted of a felon?” I of course answer “No” to all the questions. Then she says something. I thought it was another question. And I was shocked at the question. I thought she said “Have you ever had Syphilis?” In my mind I was like what does that have to do with Driving in the state of Florida. So I said, “Uhhh, excuse me?” The woman said. “That was simple, wasn’t it?”
Which when said really fast sounds like “have you ever had syphilis”. So then I started humming the song to the Valtrex commercial “It’s a brand new day”. Which got me to thinking. In that commercial it makes it look like if you have a break out of herpes you can’t go canoeing, hiking or on a picnic. Herpes even prevents you from flying a kite. Next time the commercial comes on, look at it. You’ll know what I mean.

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