Sunday, March 27, 2005

And the Award for Worst Parents goes to...

Lauren and I locked in the spot for the worst parents of the year award. Yesterday we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom with Max and Lauren's Parents. Paid $65.00 a person to get in. We were in for like 15 minutes when it started pouring. Nasty stuff. Not wanting to lose the $65 we decided to try and wait it out. With Max. Who is ONE. In the rain. That is not even the worst part. We actually forgot to pack him Lunch. We forgot to pack him an extra bottle. We forgot to pack him an extra change of clothes. We had an umbrella. Thank goodness, because as soon as we opened it, Max wanted it. He wanted to wrestle it from our grasp, with no care whose eyes he poked out in the process. There were many people in line for the Bugs Life Show, who were trying hard not to get a spoke in the face. So thank god for the umbrella.

So I decided Max was not going to wait in line anymore. I took him to go find the stroller (there was nice man who worked for Animal Kingdom who was keeping an eye on it while we stood in line). I left the umbrella with Luaren and the In laws. Then, the monsoon hit. The worst rain I have seen in Flordia. Max and I were soaked. It started to get windy and cold. Max and I took cover in a shop where I bought a Mickey beach Towel and wrapped Max in it. There we were. Cold, wet, hungry. Me, the dad with only Pepperidge Farm goldfish to feed my seriously drenched son. I gave him some. He ate a few and then decided it was more important to feed the stuffed Simba's we were standing next to. We waited for Laurn and her folks got done the show. It was like 30 minutes. Me. Max. And a dry, fluffy and well fed stuffed animal.

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