Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The In-Laws are coming....

Today Lauren's parents come for a visit. So the past few days we have been trying to clean and get things fixed around the house. Now I do not know if it is because I actually went to church the other day but I do believe there has been divine intervention when it comes to the projects in my house.

Usually a simple project like putting together a table or fixing the thingamabob that stops water from draining out of the tub would be like 10 to 15 minute jobs. My history these simple tasks would turn into hour long curse fests with me throwing tools. But the last three "honeydo" jobs all took the standard "I took the big bus to school" 15 minutes. Not one m@!her-f%@#ker** escaped my lips. One of the jobs was to install a cat door. I actually used a saw and a drill and there were no problems.

Something strange is happening at my house.

** the actual word I would use would be mother fucker.

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