Wednesday, March 30, 2005

First Blood

This morning, Max the Destroyer, was at it again. He woke up several times during the night, making Lauren and myself zombies by 6am, when we normally start the day. I made a pot of decaf coffee. That’s right decaf. Why decaf? Well you see we bought decaf for when Lauren’s parents were visiting. That’s what they would normally drink. But they and we ended up drinking all the regular coffee. All we had left was decaf. So the Zombie feeling got worse. Anyway, after feeding Maxfield his normal toast and fruit breakfast we let him roam around. He is very efficient at pulling himself up on things. Like the kitchen table. Where there are placemats. With glasses filled with orange juice on them. Sure enough he grabs the edge of the placemat that is hanging over the edge and…CRASH. Broken glass, all over the place. Max of course starts crying. Wailing really. He was scared as well as the fact that he cut his foot. Blood was oozing from his foot. Now we have never seen him bleed before. Maybe once when he bit is lip. But this was an injury. It was too hard to tell how many cuts he had as well as where they were? He was screaming and shrieking. It is amazing how as a parent you fell absolutely helpless and awful when your kid is hurt. So as I am staring at his bloody foot trying to quiet him Lauren suggests we run water over it. We put him in the kitchen sink (where there is other glasses for him to break) and turn on the water. Shrieking stopped. Max was all like, “You mean water comes from here also. Cool. I thought it only came out of the silver thing in the tub. I can splash here also. Awesome.” It was like nothing ever happened. He had the smallest cut between the toe that “stays home” and the toe that “has roast beef”.
So we learned a couple of things this morning.
1.Don’t put glasses on the placemats.
2. Running water can soothe a 1 year old.
3. Max being hurt can wake you up much better than coffee. Not that I recommend it.

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Nico said...

You are great, I mean...GREAT! I really enjoy reading your posts, so please...keep them coming!!
By the way, your kid is awesome! And you are a very cool father, so I'm sure Max is very happy right now.