Thursday, March 10, 2005

Under the High Chair

We went out to eat for Lauren's B-day (31). Red Lobster. Lauren was craving crab legs. With no baby sitters for the foreseeable future we take Max. Maxfield has the whole "going out to dinner thing" down pat. He flirts with the waitresses, he gets to eat something new and different and he gets to leave a mess for someone else to clean up. Lauren and I ususally argue over this fact. The mountain of fries, broccoli, carrots, cherrios and torn kids place mats left under his high chair is sometimes embarrassing. I always feel the need to clean up the floor because , well , because. Lauren says we should just leave a bigger tip because she does not want to see me crawling under a booth during dessert. We go back and forth. Tonight I took the Bissel broom and swept. And swept. And swept. And swept. And then left a bigger tip. Max eats like the Cookie Monster. A lot of noise a lot of motion but nothing makes it into his mouth.

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