Thursday, March 24, 2005

Yeehaw! Y'all

I am starting to become a southerner. Lauren asked that I stop by the store on my way home form work to pick up some cheese for dinner**. The most convenient place was Winn Dixie. I shopped at Winn Dixie. Unbelievable. I may buy a pick-up and put a gun rack on it.

Maxfield was in his high chair the other morning and he loves when people sneeze. He then imitates a sneeze. It is really cute. While I was playing the sneeze game, I was doing the pre sneeze sound effect, “Ahhh…..Ahhh….Ahhh.” While doing this of course my mouth was open. Don’t you know it, Max sneezes for real and I got a mouthful of Snot.

** we had home made pizza for dinner not just cheese.

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