Monday, March 14, 2005

Super Genius

While Max was eating his Mac and Cheese he started to feed the dog (he actually started to feed the dog a few months ago but I mean tonite, at dinner). I try to scold the dog. She wouldn't listen. So I started to tell him "No". At first I said it like I was just playing with him. Then I started to get louder. After a few drill sergeant "No"s I realized he has no idea what the word means. Out of frustration I said "Nyet". Which I believe is Russian for no. Max stopped feeding the dog.
My son knows Russian.



Anonymous said...

I hate reading.

And yet,
I have read every single one of your posts.
Each was better than the next.
Artful, articulate, insightful and hysterical.

You are a great writer.
Thank you for making me, for today, a great reader.

Anonymous said...

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