Thursday, March 17, 2005

Earning Their Keep

Finally. We've had Bogart the cat for 5 years. Winnie the cat for 4 years. Luna the Dog for 2 and half years. Finally they have started to earn their keep. After paying all kinds of Vet bills and driving "Noahs Ark" (well more like Noah's Ford Explorer)down to Florida. Finally they have done some good.

2 dead lizard's in the house in 2 days. I don't know which animal did it, but I am happy. These lizards are everywhere and now they are entering my house. Both Cats are IN DOOR cats so it is not like they hunted these things outside and brought home trophies. I am actually suprised that one of the animals caught somthing since they are all currently on diets. Especially the cats. We have them on CATKINS diet. No lie. It is like Adkins for felines. Our Vet said we nned to feed them more protein and less starches and stuff.
I took pictures of one of the recently deceased but thought it too gross to publish here.
In child raising news.... We took Max to visit his new pediatrician. Lauren asked good questions. I asked some good questions.
My best statement to the Doctor (who was not quite sure how to take me):

DR. R: Wow he has his father's eyes.
ME: Yea now only if we can figure out who the mother is.

The Doc. then told us a story about genetics not getting the joke.

Best Question. After a barrage of questions about medical school, the practice's other doctors and local type stuff (good hospitals and what not).

DR.R:.......and Arnold Palmer Hospital is where I would go.
ME: Do you watch and like the T.v. show Scrubs?

Scrubs is one of the funniest shows on t.v. It is a Sit/Com about doctors. Lauren got me hooked about a year ago. It is a funny show. DR. R only thought it was funny for the first two seasons. We like Dr. R. but we need to work on her sense of humor.

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