Sunday, March 20, 2005

St. Peter's Big Screen TV

We went to church this morning. I know some of my brothers are laughing right now but it is true. I swear to ....well you know what I mean. We went to our new church in Florida. The Church of St. Peter and Paul. Guess what. It's got FAN-A-Vision. No Lie. 2 Giant screen TV's are in the church. They DO NOT replay what just happened on the alter.(Although that would be cool). But it is more like Slide's or a powerpoint presenteation of what is going on. Like one slide said "The reading from the book of such and such". It also acted like a giant kareoke screen for the hymns. JC's Kareoke. Pretty cool. It also had all the words of today's Gospel on it. So the people could follow along. So the church I go to has Fan-a-vision. I just hope I am on the home teams side when I sit down and not on the away team's bench, or Pew, Or whatever.

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