Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where is the remote?

I watch a decent amount of television. Sometimes I am embarrassed by how much TV I do watch. I could be working on other things such as reading, writing, or MooneyAngelo stuff. I could be working on fixing up the house or hell I even could try exercising. But no I watch television.

I admit I enjoy some of the reality type contest shows. Survivor, Trumps Apprentice, Rockstar INXS and even The Biggest Loser. I find these shows are quickly losing their appeal to me. Not because of the crying and the “I thought we were friends. I trusted you. How could you do that to me?” that seems to come with every one of these shows. But because each one of these show’s contestants (and I am sure there are many others) are constantly saying the same phrase.

Each contestant on every one of these shows says this phrase at some point to show that they are going to do their best. That they will not get voted off. That they will not get fired. That they will sing better than everyone else.

Every time I hear the phrase I cringe. I gag on the Doritos I was eating. I look at Lauren and shake my head in disgust. This phrase is now causing me seizures during my television entertainment.

The Phrase is GAME ON.

“Oh I have been out on the island for 20 days with no food or shelter but it’s GAME ON time.”

“I did really well as project manager and I will not let John throw me under the bus. The GAME is ON.”

“I did not realize I was supposed to be singing my best from the start. Well now it’s GAME ON.”

Does anyone else hate this phrase?


Tammy said...

I do, I do!!!

I also hate that they act on these shows like they've never actually watched the show.

You know whats going to happen. Quit acting so damn surprised.

Grace said...

I hate it now

Nature Girl said...

Yes! I do hate that phrase! UGH! ps..I love the Mooney Angelo stuff..My fave so far is the boat fishing on the dock. Stacie

c said...

Reminds me of that South Park episode where Kyle's (or was it Stan's) father got served.

"Oh, it's ON!"

"Um. No, it's not on."


"No. No, it's not on."

Melanie said...

I hate it too! I know that part of it is due to editing but you always know when they show that person showing it that they are the one to get booted that week!

Susie said...

I AGREE! I actually thought of you when watching Biggest Loser last night. Not because I think you need to lose weight but because that comment you left me about the big guy who cries. Now every time he breaks down (2-3x per episode!) I think "Poop & Boogies Bill is hating this!"


kimmyk said...

i watch all those shows and i dont think i've ever heard it. which means-it's said so much i ignore it.

you know what i hate? i hate humpday wednesday, and i hate the expression TGIF.


jen said...

Wow William. Good catch! I recently stopped watching reality shows, cause they were seeming redundant... I never realized they were all saying the EXACT same thing though!

Ken said...

I'm with KimmyK. Until you mentioned it, I had been able to block it from my perception.

But thanks to you, I will cringe every time I hear it not. Gee. Thanks. :)

Jewl said...

I CAN NOT stand the DRAMA that entails either hearing, seeing, or getting something from their family when they have only been away from them a very short period of time... Good God, give me a break... A month is nothing people, get over it!
Usually the only part of a reality show is the ending... in more ways than one!

Meegs said...

And its counter part:

It's On.

So & So said what? Oh, now IT'S ON.

Same idea as game on. Grrr...

DCK said...

It's usually the overconfident person who swears they're gonna kick ass, that gets kicked off next ain't it. I don't think I've been paying close enough attention to have heard the phrase... but GAME ON now.. hehehe

Random and Odd said...

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHh. Drives me nuts!

Another one my step son says all the time.... "It's Go Time!"


Ern said...

Yeah, that is gonna bug me too now. Luckily I don't watch that much reality TV anymore. It's gotten a bit stale.

Lois Lane said...

Ditto my hate for the phrase. I only liked it once, when Wayne and Garth said it, a hundred years ago. How did that make a come back? Stooopid phrase!
Lois Lane

Susie said...

I never heard it/noticed it before, but HELL YEA, now I hate it, just from reading this post!

Anonymous said...

What?? You hate that saying??
That's it, GAME ON, Will.
Game on.