Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Last night we were doing a little early Christmas shopping. Basically I was shopping for myself. I am looking to get a camcorder so we can record Maxfield on Christmas morning. We had one that was given to us a gift when Max was 3 months old but it did not handle being dropped down the steps.

When shopping, we let Max run around. Either Lauren or myself has the job of being Max Herder, while the other actually does the shopping. While I was busy talking to the electronics guy at Sears (where America shops) Lauren followed Maxfield over to the toy section. When I finally caught up to them, 20 minutes later, Max was playing in the aisle with a boy his age and Lauren was talking with the boy’s parents.

I introduced myself and listened in on the conversation. They were talking about how the two kids were getting along nicely and what not. During the conversation it came up that we only lived two miles form this family and that maybe the two kids could get together for a play date. I mentioned how that would be nice since we do not know many people with kids Max’s age being that we recently moved from PA to Florida.

The dad mentioned that he was from PA and in the conversation he said he was not an Eagles or Steelers fan but that he was a Cowboys fan. He stated that he watched the Cowboys over the weekend.

“Wait a minute.” I said, “The Cowboy game was not on any of the local televisions stations. Do you have the NFL ticket?”

“Yes. We had to get it so we could watch the Dallas games.”

I smiled and joked, “Oh I am sure we all could become great friends.”

After we said goodbye and we went into the mall I asked Lauren if what I said was rude.


“I was just joking.”

“You just met the guy. People who know you for years don’t get you sense of humor.”


Grace said...

I don't find that rude at all. I would've said it. It's funny. Who wants to hang out with a guy that acts like Bob Saget?

Tammy said...

That's not rude at all. If you had the ticket and he didn't, he probably would have said the same thing - being such an avid fan.

P.S. I like him. I like any Cowboy fan!! :)

G-Side Pride said...

Dallas Sucks Dallas Sucks

Anonymous said...

That's not rude. If you asked to sleep with his wife, that would be rude, but the sunday ticket, no.

Nature Girl said...

I don't know what having the ticket means..but I've said the equivallent when someone has something I like. I totally get that sense of humor, but like Lauren says.."people who've known me for years don't get it" Smart cookie, Lauren is! Stacie

Melanie said...

Not rude at all. I know my hubby would have said it too.

mreddie said...

I find myself wondering at times if what I said in jest was accepted how I sent it. Sometimes there is very little difference between a wise and witty saying and a smart aleck remark, dependent on the perception of the hearer.

On occasion I have even called (if I knew them) to be sure.

Enjoyed the post. ec

ieatcrayonz said...

That's my kind of humor. You would be welcome in Okrahoma.

I think the lawnwhisperer's definition of rude is on the money. Asking to sleep with the wife...or to smack the kid, that would be rude.

c said...

I get you, man.

I get you.

Anonymous said...

Not rude. Or if it is, then I am SUPER-RUDE. Which is possible. Because not having cable AT ALL, I tend to invite myself over to people's houses all the time to watch tv. You know, like strangers in line at Target. But I offer to bring a PPP!


Susie said...

I don't know what a PPP is. Now, THAT might be rude, knowing kalki.

Cat said...

Heh. Not rude at all. I personally would have loved the subtle snarkiness. Because I TOTALLY get your brand of humor, El Duderino. Oh, yes I DO.

Let us know how the friendship develops. I want UPDATES, yo?

kimmyk said...

I woulda kicked his ass in the toy isle, grabbed my kid and hit the door.

Pete said...

not rude at all mate. Just a bit of friendly banter between toy shoppers

Seeker said...

NOT rude.
Didja get his phone number?

Anonymous said...

Rude? No. Talking to a Dallas fan and contemplating spending time together, now that is just sick. I will pretend it was just the excitement of a new child on the way, the possibility of seeing Eagles games that got your hormones imbalanced and caused temporary dementia, Dallas ugh, ugh.
Though perhaps, if you wrap yourselves in Eagles regalia, and visit them, and bring Eagles appropriate gifts for the small child, say a McNabb jersey, a Trotter t-shirt, a cheesestaek hat, you could save the child. Then if you went to confession after each meeting you might not burn in hell forever.

Tammy said...

Kimmyk & G-side Pride - one word: Scoreboard!!

Unknown said...

I thought it was funny and I wouldn't have thought it rude. Well maybe a tiny bit.

But Dallas? Yuck.

ToadyJoe said...


And if I had NFL Ticket, you would be totally welcome to come watch at my house.

I even have a mondobucket of legos for Maxfield to play with. Just don't tell my boys, lol.