Friday, March 25, 2011


A few weeks ago Lauren convinced me to run in a 5k race called the St. Patty's Day Shocker. The race raised money to buy defibrillators for the areas public buildings. Hence the name "shocker" as part of the title of race. The run was the Sunday before March 17th, hosted by a local bar, each race participant was going to recieve a free pint of Guinness at the end of the race, hence the "St. Patty's" part of the name. People were encouraged to wear green, dress in costumes or other St. Patty's day themed get ups.

The race met my three criteria for my participation. 1)It was a small race, not too crowded with serious runners although competitive. 2)People in costumes or semi ridiculous outfits (which most runners by default even without trying wear semi-ridiculous outfits). And 3) Beer. By the way these three criteria pretty much are my criteria for participating in anything.

I placed 80th out of 230 with a time of 26:39. Lauren came in 66th place over all. Runners that finished before me included, a 60 year old woman, a man wearing a beer stein hat and some dude who wore a green sequined jump suit. To see pictures you can go here.

Lauren and I enjoyed a breakfast buffet and our Guinness' beers while discussing the course and the competition. Even though neither of us placed in our age groups it was nice to be involved in a race together. There is nothing like good friends and beer to make you feel less like a loser.

Later that same week, Maxfield was involved in a race of his own. His school hosts a pinewood derby race every year which raises money for the Home and School Association. I approached building Max's car with a "it takes a village" mentality. Max drew the shape, Mr V. ,our neighbor, cut it out with a ban saw. I sanded it. Mr. Jones, another neighbor, chiseled the spaces for the weights. Max painted it.

A fine looking car.

The night of the race is a big family event at the school. Mr. V was there helping with the race. Mr. Jones showed up to watch. Lauren and I brought Wyatt along so he could cheer on his brother. High school kids volunteered helping to run the concession stand as well as keeping kids occupied with face painting and crafts.

The way the race is run is similar to a playoff bracket. Races are held within each grade, heat by heat until there is a winner. Then the first grade winner competed against the Kindergarten winner, the 2nd grade winner vs. the third grade winner, 4th grade vs 5th grade, heat by heat until an overall champion is determined. Maxfield won his first heat but was eliminated in the second heat* to his buddy DK. Max was genuinely happy for DK. I was pleased that there were no tears.

During a lull in the racing action Max and Wyatt got their faces painted and we bought Popsicles.

DK went on to compete against G, Max's best buddy who lives up the street. G went on to win 1st grade then compete and win third place overall. Max, Wyatt, DK and G all sat together watching the other races. Each of them happy.

There is nothing like good friends, face painting and Popsicles to make you feel less like a loser.

*Max's car's first race ranked 29 out of 125 races with a time of 3.697 seconds. The over all winners car ranked first and had a best time of 3.588 seconds.
Also the commenter Mindy won the Supercuts gift card contest from a couple of posts ago. Nothing like a haircut to make a you feel less like a loser.


Reese Bobby said...

If you ain't first, you're last.

Cole said...

Awesome that the boys had a good time at the races!

Anonymous said...

If CAM were in that race, she would have kicked your butt! Can't believe you posted your place!!! Keep running....better your own time next time. ..that's the only GOOD thing about running and can improve your time....or NOT! I don't do either....a way to stay slim and trim...I'm neither...Max's car resembles the Batmobile...a little

SciFi Dad said...

Unless there's a photo of you in a sequined bodysuit, I'm not clicking that link.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Way to go on the race, but couldn't have tripped the 60 year old woman?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun! The pictures of the face painting are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Not big on the time differential. Maxfield did great.

Gary@Baby shoes said...

There are plenty of things I might do for free beer but, running for half an hour is not one of them!

The Absence of Alternatives said...

You sound like the happiest, most content loser I know!