Thursday, October 01, 2009

Last Quarter

At the beginning of the year I wrote this post about what I wanted to write about in 2009. As I mentioned in that post some of the stuff already happened and I just needed to write about them. The other topics were stories I knew would happen or that I was hoping would happen. Below is the same list from that post back in January with links to the actual post and/or a quick explanation.

A new baby story --Here. I never did write the complete story but Lauren did here. I kind of knew this was going to happen since Lauren was pregnant and all.

a guest post by my brother Anonymous--I asked him two months ago. He said he would send me something. He must not have my email address.

stories about me meeting other bloggers that I never met before --I had no idea I was going to meet other bloggers and I was pleasantly surprised that the opportunities came up-Here and Here . There is till time this year to meet others that I linked from my post in January.
my 1000th post -- Cooler than David Boreanz

Bathroom Begats -The details of this project are still not completed even though the bulk of the work was done last December. I still have to do some spackling, painting and minor floor work.

my 500,000 visitor --Cooler Than David Boreanz

a story about me winning the lottery --I still have my fingers crossed.

Stories about Maxfield entering Kindergarten--Here. Seriously click on that link. I have been told that people go to that post if they are feeling down and it instantly cheers them up.

I Could Have Been a Contender parts 4 and 5 -I hope to write these over the next few weeks.

Wyatt going to pre-school--Here

the vibrating testicle story --Any decent testicle story needs to be told in two parts. Part ONE and Part TWO.

being in a play -Only half complete. I am cast in a show which is scheduled for performances next March.

meeting someone famous--I had no idea at the beginning of the year I would be meeting celebrities. -Here and Here and also I met this writer.

nerve conduction study -This happened last year I have not yet written the story. I still don't know the outcome.

how advertisers keep asking to pay me --I have some advertisers. Not much but I have some. I am still waiting for the big one (That's what she said).

a book deal --Clearly I am not a writer.

lose 15 pounds-- I have three months to go.

My Dad and the assistant principle-I will write this story by year's end.

I win fantasy football --I am in two leagues. I am 0-3 with players like Drew Brees, Colston and Dallas Clarke in my work league. I can't figure it out. I am 2-1 in my other league. We'll see. C'mon Drew Brees.

Tripling my readership--Not yet, but someone did start a fan club and Dr. Phil reads me (no really he does). If I can get more readers then I am sure I will get more advertisers.

Poop and Boogies turns Four--Clearly I am not a writer.

LawnWhisperer returns--He is waiting for reader demand.

I write a screenplay --I am actually working on this. In my mind.

finish begatting my man space --I have better chance at completing the next thing on the list.

Take photos of UFO,Bigfoot,alien,or ghost --I have a better chance at completing the prior thing on my list.

guest post from Momo9 --She read this so I think she will send me something to post.

get invited to speak at some blog convention--I do not think this is going to happen.

win an award--Still have a couple of months for this. Someone nominate me for something. Anything.

Thank you to everyone who stops by here on a regular basis to read Poop and Boogies.


Unknown said...

Dude, I want to get you invited to Mom2Summit here in Houston. But since it's sorta for moms, I dunno. But I'm working on it :)

kalki said...

Reading here is always a pleasure.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

LW, Anon, and Mom09 guest posts? That would be awesome!
Also, I love the story and photos from your bathroom begats. I'm still trying to convince myself that doing that to our master bath (hahahaha, it's so small it hardly qualifies)... but I would miss my shower. The teen boys' shower is nasty.

And my word verification is "prighos" ... are the hos really prigs? or should that really say PRINGLES? I think Anon might know the answer!

SciFi Dad said...

I think next year you should invite your readership to create your objectives for the upcoming year, so then I can add "tell the truth about your feelings about women breastfeeding in public" to it.

sari said...

It's been a good year for you, I do have to throw a vote in for Lawnwhisperer!

(no offense)

eclectic said...

SciFi Dad just blogjacked you, man. And I'd like to add the topic, man-boobs as pacifiers. Maybe you could make it a mini-series.

Shannon said...

No, thank YOU- for all the giggles, chuckles, guffaws, snorts and belly laughs. Also for all the times that milk (or whatever beverage I'm consuming) has almost shot out of my nose. They say that laughter is the best medicine, so should we call you Dr. Bill? Hey- rhymes with Dr. Phil!
Coincidence? I think not.

Bogart said...

Well bro...I have been coming here for the past two years. Pretty much a daily stop for both Claire and me.

It has been a good year...Scrapple is one of the highlights for sure.

Anonymous said...

I vote Lawnwhisperer!!!!

Anonymous said...


maria from nj said...

I thank yoy for sharing your family, your joy as well as your sorrows. Your stories are worth coming back for and the hopes of reading a comment from the Lawnwhisperer. Also for the gift certificate I won! But, really I should than Momo9!! Keep up the great writing, no matter what they say. That always improves with time as your haircut did.

Anonymous said...

I would also like you to write about how @poopandboogies is slightly embarrassing to your Twitter followers. While, we adore you and your father's intent with this saying, we are afraid others think we are following a kindergartener. It's not you we are embarrassed by, just your handle. I'm certain I'm not the only one. Please feel free to speak up others...I will also be starting an @poopandboogies Twitter support group called @PABA. Thank you. Now, if you do win the lottery and agree to fund our support group we may reconsider.

James (SeattleDad) said...

When you do post that Bigfoot picture, I will won't be surprised

Denise B. said...

I don't get over here as often as I'd like, but I enjoy it every time! My husband even knows who you are when I mention Poop and Boogies in conversation, and can't keep people he's met in person straight, let alone people-his-wife-knows-through-blogging-and-he-never-has-a-chance-of-meeting.

Thanks for the laughs, you are inspiring!

Unknown said...

My husband can tell every time when I am reading PAB. That would be because I am usually laughing my ass off. Thanks for brightening up my day!