Monday, February 20, 2006

They do not cover this on Dr. Phil

I know Dr. Phil and Super Nanny and every other parenting book/expert out there says that as parents you need to have a unified front. They say that both parents need to be on the same page when it comes to raising a child. That both parents need to enforce the same type of values or the same type of punishment when it comes to the children.

These experts claim that parents should not argue in front of the kids because the kid will see a possible weakness. Parents need to back each other up in front of their children.

A situation came up in our house the other day that may cause some serious issues for our kids in the future. It is a divide that Lauren and I cannot agree on when it comes to raising Max and future children. I do not, cannot and will not agree with or compromise with Lauren on this issue. I may have posted about this before but like all good arguments I need to air it out again.
I went home for lunch the other day and Lauren had made hot dogs for her, Max and myself. Then, Lauren, without checking with me gave Max ketchup for his hotdog. Ketchup, for crying out loud. Ketchup. Blech.

I am a mustard-on-a-hotdog type of person. Lauren is a Ketchup-on-a-hotdog person. She is trying to make Max a Ketchup-on-a-hotdog person. It is bad enough that he has light hair and his mothers complexion and he is showing signs that he is a right handed person when I am a south paw and was hoping he would be too, but now she is trying to make him a Ketchup-on-a-hotdog type of person.

Soon she will try to undermine my authority and try to convince Maxfiled that chocloate icecream is better than vanilla.


Anonymous said...

Hell NO! Vanilla is much better...

and as for hotdogs...just go with the old Chilli and Cheese...

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Michelle said...

Blasphemy! Ketchup is for hamburgers and fries. Mustard has the exclusive rights to hot dogs. I guess it could be worse, my husband puts them BOTH on together. Talk about blech!

Anonymous said...

Ketchup on Hotdogs is the first step! You will now see Maxfield ask for it on Steak, Roast Beef etc. William, You Must Protect this House. Hold your ground.

Anonymous said...

Go ketchup! Go ketchup!

(Sorry--gotta side with Lauren on this one.)

Anonymous said...

my wife puts both on the kids hot dogs.

Anonymous said...

I am WITH you on all of this: mustard, vanilla, and left-handed. I don't even eat ketchup with my fries.

ieatcrayonz said...

I'm a mustard on a no-dog kind of person. I've seen what goes into those sausage-cased industrial waste phallic symbols of death. No sir, no way.

And although I love the mustard, Lauren's just looking out for Max's best interests because ketchup is good for you. Oprah said so. However, as I stated before, the pig lips and assholes will kill him.

Anonymous said...

Ok, do the test!!!
Cut up the hotdog into a bunch of small pieces and then get two small cups, fill one with Ketchup and one with Mustard...

then sit back and see which one he uses!!!

-somehow related-

Tammy said...

Ketchup on hot dogs is GOOD! Let the kid decide on his own!

TheStolenOlive said...


I'm a CHEF. Ketchup does not go on anything that has bread on it, hamburgers or hot dogs. Mayo goes on Hamburgers.


Hot Dogs are NASTY. If you don't want to compromise, quit eating them all together. (Thank God I am allergic to Hot Dogs).

I only eat sausage dogs and then it gets chili, cheese and onions. No mayo, mustard or ketchup.


Vanilla is only better than chocolate when you pour HOT FUDGE on top.


Mustard has two uses in this world.. Potato Salad and Deviled Eggs. Other than that it should never show it's head.

Anonymous said...

My kids use Ketchup on Broccoli, Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Fries. I am a Mustard kind of guy for Hot Dogs but now I am a fan of the Cheese dogs and don't use Mustard or Ketchup. As for the future food tv star, Have you ever had a Philly style soft pretzel? I would think not, if the only use for Mustard is on Deviled Eggs, and Potato Salad. Good luck selling that potato salad.

Unknown said...

William William William... it's ketchup for the hot dog and ALWAYS chocolate ice cream, you silly, silly man.

Home Depot hot dog vendors rock.

Nature Girl said...

Sorry Charlie...I'm with Lauren on this one, right up until she starts putting ketchup on his chocolate ice cream, then I may have to change over to yours side..Stacie

Susie said...

Hot dogs. Mustard.
Pretzels. Mustard.
Grill cheese sandwiches. Dipped in mustardy goodness.

Oh yeah. Liam likes bbq sauce. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren... you can eat whatever you want... remember.. you're pregnant and whatever you say... Bill has to agree too... and yes, even knowing the whole asses and lips things...sometimes that smell gets to you and you just gotta breakdown and eat a good old dog..with ketchup and Mustard!!!

-somehow related-

Lowa said...

Ok listen people.

Like Lauren said, ketchup AND mustard go on hot dogs. And yes, nasty as they are, sometimes you just HAVE to have one. Especially at Baseball games in the summer.

However, they cannot be boiled. They must be grilled. Or roasted over a fire is even better. For a LONG time, until they have nice black flakes falling off of them. YUM! AND, they have to also have relish. All of you forgot relish, sauerkraut and onions. YUM!

Vanilla better than chocolate!??!?! WHAT ON EARTH!?!? Are you SERIOUS!?!?

*sigh* What is the world coming to??

Oh yes, please let the poor child decide on his own, eh?? Come on!! That is the fun of parenting, seeing what they end up liking and who they are going to become.

Lauren, keep on using both. I have never, ever heard of anyone thinking that ketchup does not go on hot dogs before!!?!? LOL My husband gags at the idea of relish and has taught all of our children to taunt me when I eat that. But we all have BOTH K and M on them. I thought everyone did???

This was hilarious though:) I thought it was going to be something really serious.

Bente said...

I'm for both ketchup and mustard, but I don't eat regualer hot dogs, just the vegetarian ones.

Unknown said...

Don't worry, nobody could seriously question the paternity of Maxfield...he's cute little face leaves no doubt he's yours.

Anonymous said...

Lauren...I will take your side most of the time, but ketchup on a hot dog??? I have to agree with Bill on this one!! Your favorite sister-in-law

Anonymous said...

Lauren that is so funny!!
I always found the hot dog stand outside of Home Depot odd UNTIL I was pregnant with Brenna and we had just bought our townhouse. We spent a lot of time going to Home Depot (I even cried once when my dad thought that he had lost the measurements for our blinds and we were going to have to leave and go back, when he found his notepad in the plumbing aisle, I cried (tears of relief)!), so, needless to say, I was suckered into buying several hot dogs there!
And I, too, use both ketchup and mustard on my hot dogs (so does Casey, but he is heavier on the mustard and I am heavier on the ketchup). On my burgers: cheese, meat, and a bun. Nothing else!
Brenna adores hot dogs, and I have given them to her with ketchup (no mustard yet). We buy the Hebrew National hot dogs because they don't have any bi-products.

kimmyk said...

hot dogs on ketchup is correct.

i dont even buy mustard and yet there is stadium mustard in my fridge-i fear this is a male chromosonethingy.

but i agree, vanilla ice cream is the way to go...and throw some chocci syrup on it.

Random and Odd said...

i'm a red and yellow on the dog type person.
is that okay or did I just cross some invisible line?

Ern said...

William. I am so with you on this. Mustard and relish are the only way to top a hot dog. And vanilla ice cream is totally better.

Anonymous said...

Cut the hot dog in half. Cover one half with mustard, the other with ketchup. The boy'll decide at some point which he likes better, or just have fun making a mess (like ours does).

Tanya said...

Ha- My kids are 5, 8 and 9. My husband and I STILL have this argument every time the kids eat hot dogs. The kids all LOVE Ketchup on their hotdogs and it drives my dh nuts.Yet, the man will put Ketchup on the kids eggs!?! YUCK!

Shannon Nelson said...

So ketchup and mustard cannot be together? Ever?

And here I was with a furled eyebrow intently reading this post as if it was some major huge thing that I MUST know about. LOL. You fooled me once again William!

Anonymous said...

all of william's family likes mustard on their hotdaogs
i use ketchup i got that from my mother
they like brown mustard especially

LizzieDaisy said...

Gosh, we let our kids pick... red green and yellow. I'm not even sure my daughter (5) knows the names yet. LOL.

And for the record, argue in front of the kids sometimes, and yell at them once in awhile. I never ONCE saw my parents argue and my dad only yelled at me once (and I didn't talk to him for a month until I thought he was dying), and still cry if my hub even slightly raises his voice around me. Seriously. It's bad. :)

Peter said...

Ketchup on hotdogs is gross