Monday, February 06, 2006


The other day a box was delivered to my house. There were two notes with the contents. This is the first note.

Having to sons is a difficult job
Raising them is very tough.
But I find it more difficult to manage the storage
Of all their toys and stuff.

There are toys in the attic, and toys in the closet
There are toys on the bedroom floor.
There are toys in the basment, and toys in the garage
There are toys behind every door.

They have videos of stupid shows
They have movies and sing-a-longs
You know the ones where the characters
Sing silly and annoying songs

They have clothes for dressing up, and clothes for play
And they have clothes for wearing to bed.
They have slippers that are yellow, and shoes that are brown
and their sneakers are white and red.

So I found a solution, I have made a plan
This is what I am going to do.
All the things that I don't want anymore,
I am shipping them down to you.

Thanks. John.

The second note read:
Bill and Lauren, I know Maxfield likes Thomas. I hate Thomas. So this is a good move. John.

The box contained about ten Thomas the Tank Engine video tapes.
Basically the Lawn Whisperer sent Video Crack to my son.


Amanda said...

i stumbled upon poop and boogies via sharkey. very funny stuff - so nice to hear a dad's perspective!

Kami said...

Thomas is TV for short attention span.

Tammy said...

Thomas is good. It could have been worse. He could have sent a box of Barney!

Anonymous said...

I would take anything, as long as it isn't those annoying guys from Wiggles. I think they are guys on that show.

jen said...

I have to agree with Tammy. Thomas is probably better than Barney.

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

Oh there is lots of Thomas Crack at my moms, my house and my sisters because we love Thomas Crack well the little one does and we like that he is not getting into shit!

The Egel Nest said...

Thomas is AWESOME!

I actually ENJOY watching Thomas!


The Egel Nest

LizzieDaisy said...

Too funny. I did something very stupid last summer. I went to a garage sale, found an entire box of kid's videos for 25 cents each, let the thrifty person in me get excited, and I bought the entire box.... like 30 of them. OH. THE. HORROR.

About two weeks ago, my mother in law came over and I was like... HEY!!! You know how you have 22 other grandchildren to buy birthday prezzies for? Well do I have a box for you!!

Bahaha. I felt evil and holy at the same time. :)

Nature Girl said...

I love your family! My brother would never have written a cool poem like that... You guys are awesome. Treasure that! I wish my brother and I were close..Stacie

Lowa said...

That is very cool! Except for him sending those horrid things to you, I mean:)

I have THREE sons...thankfully not one of them ever liked Thomas. :)

Jewl said...

Video crack is good... It allows me to take a shower daily!

Susie said...

I just wonder why all the trains look so constipated. I mean - they are trains, right? Is it the coal?

Anonymous said...


JenLo said...

At least the Thomas phase won't last that long. He'll be sick of trains before ya know it

joanna said...

Love the site. My son loves Thomas to the point of calling our house the Island of Sodor- sigh.