Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why I Blog

I collected comic books for close to 25 years. I am a geek. I loved picking up new issues of Batman, X-Men, Superman, Sandman and many others, each week to read how my heroes were doing. The flashy, colorful covers with “BATMAN” (or whatever title) across the top, the artwork and pictures, the words, especially the words, would keep me coming back every month. It was quite the addiction. But I loved it.

Some of the story arcs in these comics would expand several months with each issue ending in a cliffhanger that would make me have to a wait 30 days for the next one. 30 days to see how “ The Preacher” was going to get out of a jam. 30 days to see if Clark was going to propose to Lois. 30 days to read who was going to receive the keys of hell from Sandman, the king of dreams. 30 days was long time to see if my heroes, my friends were going to make it. I followed these characters, off and on, for 25 years.

My family and friends always thought it was weird. They would ask me, why do I collect comic books? What was the appeal? I would try to explain but I never could. I never could figure a way to explain that I was invested in the characters and that each month I wanted read what was going on. That every time I tried to stop buying comics something would make me go back. It was an addiction. But I loved it.

I gave up comic books about three years ago. It was becoming quite expensive. I sold off my collection through Ebay and other means when I moved to Florida to save on space.

One of my favorite comic book writers and authors is Neil Gaiman (Sandman). I discovered blogging through his website, which he uses to update his fans on the various projects he is developing. I would click on the links he would include in his posts and I found that there were a lot people out there blogging. I decided that I would give blogging a shot about three years ago and I have been blogging in some form or fashion since then.

It wasn’t until I started Poop and Boogies that I really started to blog on a regular basis. By commenting on other sites I found that people would comment on mine. I found a whole new world. I love clicking on Kalki, MRTL, Cat or Gumby Susie’s to see how my heroes are doing. The flashy, colorful entry pages with “Random and Odd”, “MetroDAD” “Rude Cactus”(or whatever title) on the masthead, the art, the pictures, the words, especially the words keep me coming back every day.

Some of the story arcs span several months with each day, maybe not having a cliffhanger, but that is okay, because I can always check back in a day or two. A day or two to see how Eclectic, Kimmyk, or MamaDuck are doing. A day or two to see if Lois Lane (Gotta love the name) is going to pick on her mom. A day or two to see how Von Krankipantzen is doing (she is beating cancer). A day or two to see if the heroes and friends are going to make it. Much better than 30 days.

Family and friends ask me about blogging all the time. Why do I do it? Who are those people that comment? Is it a cult?
I post on Poop and Boogies for my family. I get to be involved in the creative process of my "comic book". I did not take on a code name or anything but at least I helped to create the LawnWhisperer.

But who are all these other bloggers that read my posts? That is always tough to answer. Some are people with secret identities; some have codenames like comic book characters; others have fascinating stories to tell. Some…I don’t know. I’m addicted. I love it.


Tammy said...

Wow. What a great way to describe why you blog.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Perfect! now I understand where you are coming from! I agree, blgging is an addiction especially with all of the nice friends you meet. BTW - I love reading your blog :)

Bloggers In The Spotlight said...

That is an awesome description of blogging!

I love it and I know that people that dont blog just dont get it!

I feel like these people are my friends and they truly care what is going on!

Heck 40 of us are getting together on Saturday night all through the blogging much better could that get!

Have a great day and I love your blog!

I am addicted!

Melanie said...

I am addicted too. It's actually become a great way for me to unwind at the end of the day. It is like checking in on friends to see how they are doing. I've actually met some of the people who's blogs I read. I love how you you describe why you started blogging. So interesting!

Random and Odd said...

Hey you...Remember that thing I asked you about awhile ago? and then you emailed me back and told me about it? and then I said I would work on it? i worked on it and it's done.

send me dadvsdad username and password.

now i'm working on von Kranki..something citrusy...

Susie said...

Hey, I'll be in your cult any day ;)
It is an addiction; HOWEVER, unlike comic books, or TV or any of the other more well-recognized addictions, we actually interact positively with other people. Dear, lovely people, in my experience. So, yea, my name is Susie and I'm a blog addict ;)

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

That is an awesome description of blogging!

I love it and I know that people that dont blog just dont get it!

I feel like these people are my friends and they truly care what is going on!

Heck 40 of us are getting together on Saturday night all through the blogging much better could that get!

Have a great day and I love your blog!

I am addicted!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Blogging is an addiction, all right, but a good one. Where else can you write about anything and everything, have other people read it, comment on it, and allow you to meet these people (in a fashion) and find new friends in the process. No-one is judgemental, just interested in who you are. It is great fun. Let's all keep at it for a very long time. Take care, Meow

Lowa said...

Great way to describe your reasoning. I started mine to update family on my kids' lives.

I found that they may read it, but are too uncomfortable with commenting on anything. Just yesterday on the phone, Mum said "Your Dad says to tell you he enjoys your blog".

I have been writing pretty regularly for 3 or 4 months and that was the first confirmation I had that he even had ever read it once!!! LOL

Yes, I enjoy the friends I meet. I love to comment and then they come check out my boring place in cyberspace and say nice things to me.

It is an addiction I need to watch closely, so it does not cause me to neglect my family:)

You gave me a scare when you were describing the recent ultrasound on your wee one, btw. I recall those days from my pregnancies! Amazing the roller coaster one rides when they are a parent, eh??

Ern said...

Great way to capture it. We're sure glad you're here too! What poop and boogies will be flinging at Max's place today? I mean William's? ;)

ToadyJoe said...

... and we love YOU. :)

Unknown said...

Very very cool, William. :)

The thing about secret identities is that you always have at least two -- it's just a matter of where you are as to which one is the "secret" one. :)

Anonymous said...

exactely, it's an addiction. Now if I could just explain that to my family...

As soon as I figure out where they are!

The Egel Nest said...

This was a great overll description of blogging and its charm.

I share your geeky collecting history...although I really never had too many comic cards were my vice.

Great blog as always.

The Egel Nest

Lois Lane said...

It's like it's own community of hand-picked friends. I'm glad you are blogging and sharing your life with us.

Anonymous said...

I think it is slightly better to know the person, or relate to the person in the blog/ comic book. The anticipation is what I'm addicted to.

Kami said...

Me too. I'm an addict.

Rude Cactus said...

That really is a fantastic description of what makes blogging so much fun. Not to mention compulsive. I'm certainly glad you're here to read!

Anonymous said...

You who cried about a cliff hanger of Grey's Anatomy last week, used to wait 30 days for comic book crap. What is wrong with you? Grey's Anatomy was only a 7 day wait.
As for the person who says he's meeting with 40 bloggers, is that in person or on a blog site? What do you guys do, tell everyone to get on at 8:00pm and everyone opens a beer together. When I meet with my friends, we get together to have a beer, not type stories.

Anonymous said...

I am not really a blogger, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I am strickly trying to get attention. I crave attention, and nobody ever gives it to me.

Anonymous said...

What a great post!

I've still got a box of comics in my closet, and can completely relate to everything you are saying. With blogging you even get the cross-over issues (is that MetroDad & Mr. Big Dubya on your site?), the all-star Secret Wars sites (like BlogginBaby and DadCentric), and periodically a guest star (John Byrne? Howard Chaykin? Todd McFarlane?) would step in and cover someone elses issue.

Now the big question...did you take a bath on your comic books, or do you still think they had some "investment value," which is my excuse for having X-Men 132-352 in individually wrapped mylar...?

Chixulub said...

Blogging is certainly cheaper and takes less space than comic books or any other collectable.

As an added bonus, it's hard to break bones or get an infectious disease with this kind of recreation.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Blogging is definitely addictive! I have to limit myself to my baby's naptime and after dinner. Otherwise, I think I might become a pasty 'Net freak.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

What great entertainment! I am not a Blogger and have used the word "cult". But I am totally entertained by "P&B" and his following. Sometimes the comments are funnier than the original subject.The "cult" is funny, positive, encouraging, caring, friendly and entertaining. When I LOL at the computer, my day has been made.Very enjoyable!You have a gift, William, use it to the max! For the Max for that matter! Great entry, this 'Why I Blog".

Rhonda said...

Well said. I have a job with no creativity, and I find that blogging is a great creative outlet for me. As far as secret identities, as you know, I have one. It is always easier to speak your mind when you know it is anonymous.

Thanks for your blog. You are a wonderfully talented writer, and I enjoy reading it daily. Keep up the good work.

(Oh, and to "max's favorite uncle," the 40 women are meeting in person on Saturday.)

Unknown said...

Great post. I have totally given up on trying to keep up with so many people's blogs. I suck. I am not cool enough to be in the cult.

Anonymous said...

Awesome analogy. I love this post, William. You're one of my heroes, too.

Kari said...

And we love you!

kimmyk said...

Awesome post William!

It's hard to describe but you did so quite well I might say.

I appreciate the fact you read my blog....everyone whether they want to admit it or not want people to read what they write and acknowledge it in some way---i read this blog because it makes me laugh. that's something i need somedays ya know?

i say good job--and keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

It's a sick addiction, my friend. Someday they'll do a Dateline or 20/20 about how we're a cult and don't socialize in real life anymore b/c we're addicted to blogging...then we'll probably get our own syndrome named after us.

(sigh) can dream...

OBDR said...

I love Poop & Boogies.

I love Neil Gaiman too.

Wait, maybe I'm not a freak drifting alone out here in the world. Ah, now I get it.

My day was pretty iffy, but finding Poop & Boogies made it better. Thank you.

Nature Girl said...

And Thank God you do it! I found you thru Kari and have been addicted ever since I did...It's so refreshing to see a dad's perspective on things, and your so funny and witty...I just have to check every day to see what your going to come up with next..the stories from your childhood are awesome too! Great post! Stacie

Cat said...

Dude. You collect comic books?! What a geek!

Heh. I kid. You know I kid! I'm a kidder! forevah!

What a scrumptrillescent way to begin your blogging career. I love how you describe the reasons you love it and stick with it. I am so with you! I have "met" some pretty fantastic people through blogging, some even in real life. Which was AWESOME. It's like a window into a bigger, better world, right?

Huh. I never realized what a freaking voyeur (of the non-sexual kind, duh!) I am. Weird. And COOL.