Saturday, December 31, 2005

Vacation By Numbers

2 -Weeks is the amount of time I spent up in Pennsylvania visiting family and friends.
12- hours is how long it took to get from Orlando Florida to Washington DC.
5- Hours is how long it took to get from Washington DC to Philadelphia. It should only take 3 hours. I hate Alexandria VA Traffic as well as anything called "Beltway".
17- hours of "Elmo's World" That we listened to on the DVD player to occupy Max. (Neh Neh Neh NEH, Neh Neh Neh NEH Elmo's loves his goldfish. His crayons too......)
140- Dollars worth of Gas to fill the Van to make the trip.
1017- Miles driven from my house in Orlando to Lauren's parent's house.
11- The Number of roads traveled in that 1017 miles. Seriously there are only 11 roads between my house in Florida and Lauren's Parent's house in PA. One of the roads just happens to be I-95.
90-Miles per hour was the average speed we traveled on our way up. (Until we hit Alexandria that son of a bitch town)
4- Number of Grandparents that were happy to see Max.
0- Number of Max's grandparents that were happy to see either Lauren or myself.
40-degrees Fahrenheit was the average temperature in Philadelphia PA.
20- about the number of Aunts and Uncles Max got to visit with.
3- The total number of "takes" it took LawnWhisperer, Jim and myself to stop laughing while making our semi annual "Make Fun of our Siblings" Holiday Video. (By the way Sharon if you are reading this, it was all Jim and John's ideas. Especially the parts where we make fun of you, my favorite sister.)
3- The number of Balloons Santa got Max for Christmas. Max loves balloons. And since the dollar store where Santa gets his Balloons had a limited supply, the one with Elmo on it had "Happy Birthday" printed on it. But we wrote "Jesus" on the bottom so it was okay.
3- The number of Dogs at my In laws house. Their two and our one.
103- The number of times the dogs were yelled at with phrases like "Be Quiet! You'll wake Maxfield." Or "Luna stop licking Jake." Or "Luna, Jake, Skeeter! Stop Begging for food."
25- Times I was accidentally locked out of my in-laws house because I always forgot to unlock the door when I left.
1- Flat tire on the Kia Mini Van during the whole trip.
6- Trains my Dad had working in his basement when we arrived for the holiday.
2- Trains that were working in my Dad's basement when we ready to head home.
1- Train that Max may be responsible for breaking. Maybe. There were lots of kids playing with the trains.
Gazillion- The number I would equate with how much fun we had.
9- Hours it took to get from PA to Florence SC where we stayed overnight. Why 9 hours? Because of Alexandria VA and DC traffic. Those cities suck for traffic.
2 -Roast beef sandwiches made for me by my mother inlaw.
1- Ham sandwich made for Lauren by my mother in law.
0- is the number of sandwiches Jesus got on this trip.
1- the Number of trucks we saw with plastic testicles hanging from the back that Lauren had to take a picture of.
75- degrees Fahrenheit was the temperature when we got back to Florida at 2pm on 12/31/05.

We had a really fun time over the vacation. Max got to see all his cousin's His Godmother Bridget and his Godfather Mr. Miyagi. Both sets of grandparents numerous times and he had a wonderful Christmas Morning. I am trying to post some of the pictures from the trip.

Max sporting a new Jacket. Notice the "Sear's catalogue-esque" pose.

It was a long ride.

You know you are in the South, when you see a Quad on a trailer attached to a pick-up truck, the Dixie flag and what appears to be testicles hanging from the Quad.

I hope everyone has/had a safe and happy New Year's Eve.


Melanie said...

Sounds like a fun trip. God bless you for tolerating that much Elmo. It's amazing what we do for our kids. Loved the pics, especially the Sears pose!

Happy New Year!

eclectic said...

Elmo's World, or screaming? It's a toss-up every time at Max's age. I say the E.W. was a good call! Glad you're home safely and hope the New Year brings you another happy, healthy baby and many, many more memories of laughter and love.

Anonymous said...

I like balloons better than sammiches anyway. Thanks!

Susie said...

After you reproduce, both you and your spouse become NEGLIGIBLE, purely INCIDENTAL to the adults in your family, regardless of how beautiful, handsome, bright, charming you were once thought to be. It's all about the little folk from here on out.

Anonymous said...

We had a similar trip from PA to MN, sans the toddler and the Elmo (thank God!). We took the dog and even had our own version of Alexandria--Chicago. It seems like getting around that city took half the time we spent on the road!

Glad you had a good time. Happy New Year!

Kami said...

I don't think that Max would have noticed that the balloon said "Happy Birthday." Is he reading yet? ;)


Jewl said...

We are on the road again heading home... I don't even know how I am going to get all Em's crap (Whoops, I mean Christmas gifts) home... 12 hours piled in crap, two dogs, and the wiggles... Should be fun, so I can so relate!!

Susie said...

William, I just nominated you. Shit, I mean, shoot, I don't even remember where I was, but I got all excited and thought, William! Then I saw that other Susie had already done it! I'll find the place and show you. I probably should have asked first, but like I said, I was excited!

Susie said...


Kate Giovinco Photography said...

Happy New Year! Those testicals are scary!

Glad you had a great trip back home!

Anonymous said...

The train thing is cracking me up: "Maybe. There were lots of kids playing with the trains." Hee. Judging by his Utter Cuteness, there is no way he could possibly be responsible for doing any harm to anything, ever.

Just Jan said...

Happy New Year to you and yours.

I have been reading your post and the lawnwhisper's too for a little while now and I love them all.

Thanks for sharing your holiday travels with us. I intend to be back often throughout this year for more enjoyable reading.

Kari said...

LOL I'm right there with ya Lauren with the whole testicles hanging from the back of the truck...Hilarious!

Happy New Year Poop & Boogies Family!

ieatcrayonz said...

Man, that list rocks. It's a little known fact that Elmo was at Jesus' birth. I hear it was a nickname of one of the wise men.

Bumper nutz. Sweet. You ain't an Okie unless yer bumper gotz nutz.

Happy New Year, Poop and Boogies clan!

Susie said...

Oh Susie outed me - I nominated you for best daddy blog last week or the week before - I forget. Maybe you'll win a gift certificate for more Sesame Street videos! Happy New Year Poopie Family!

Judypatooote said...

I love Max's Sears pose...I just hate long rides.....I'm to impatient....I want to be there NOW. But it sound like you survived it and are back all in one complete family....Elmo and all. When we would go for Christmas up to the farm, it took like 30 min. at the most...but we packed pillows, snacks, etc.... funny how it seemed like such a long ride, and now 30 min, is like a trip to the corner store...... I hope you and your family have a wonderful new year...How exciting to have a new baby, and more poop and boogies......

Tammy said...

Good. Times.

Anonymous said...

Awww...too cute. Great seeing you guys at Christmas (Aunt Lisa got him the Sears outfit lol). Happy New Year, love you guys and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Anonymous said...

(Anonymous was Lauren's sister bad)

Effie said...

He is totally model material--love the pose in the adorable new jacket!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun--may your new year be filled with as much or more fun (with a new baby on the way and everything!)


Anonymous said...

That is so cute that you brought the dog(s) on the car trip. It was fun moving with Russell, haha. Do you have more dogs now? Or did you bring your cats, too?

t_cole said...

Great Blog
Awesome entry
i feel your pain. and the joy.

katherine said...

oh, my god, is your dog a welsh corgi? My dog is a welsh corgi!