Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Anniversary

I forgot to say Happy Anniversary to my parents. The inspiration for Poop and Boogies were maried 42 years ago on December 28th.

"Oh what a night. Late December back in 63."

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Sorry It was a day late.


Kari said...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Poop & Boogies!
You must be a wonderful couple, I know that at least two of your boys are truely adored here in the blog world, and I thank you for them, from all of us fellow bloggers!
Congratulations, and I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!

Unknown said...

Happy 'bersary Mom and Dad Poop and Boogies! Congratulations!

Heh, really, I think the picture on the previous post should be combined with the anniversary wishes. Wouldn't that be funny? No? Maybe it's just me then...

Kami said...

Happy Anniversary!!

eclectic said...

42 years!! Rock on witcho' bad selfs!

mreddie said...

Congrats to your folks - marriage longevity seems rare today. ec

mrtl said...

Too bad it's not you who's pregnant; you could blame the flakey hormone.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Tammy said...

Ahhh. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Susie said...

Glad you two crazy kids got together, and made more crazy kids!

(Oh, and LOVE the pillow idea from earlier post)

Unknown said...

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