Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Can I get a sticker?

Guest blogging by The Lawn Whisperer (AKA The Keystone).

My wife runs my little guys on the Sticker System. We have these little charts on the fridge, one for Luke, one for Kyle. When they do something good, or behave for a certain event, they get a sticker added to the chart. Once they hit ten stickers, they get to get a toy.

There are a ton of breaches in this system, cracks that I for one cannot accept. If the Terrible Twosome goes into the playroom for five minutes, every toy is dumped on the floor. They dump every bin out to find what they are looking for. The room is turned upside down. When they are done playing, they leave the room in shambles. Now, if they clean up that room, they get a sicker. So they get a sticker for cleaning up the mess that they made. I don’t get it. So it got me to thinking. I would like to be on the sticker system. It’s a no-brainer. Once I get ten stickers, I get a prize. The only prize I want is some action. Ten stickers…I get lucky that night.

Working the system under the same parameters that the kids get, I should get lucky at least twice a week. If I hang a picture on the wall and it is crooked, when I fix it, I should get a sticker. When I go to work everyday, I should get a sticker. I should also get a sticker for coming home from work. Granted, these are things that I do everyday, but again, the system has flaws. I put the trash out twice a week, two stickers. I bring the cans back twice a week, two more stickers. I clean up the mess that I make in the kitchen that is another sticker. By my estimation, I should be getting 20 stickers a week, without even trying. That means I should be getting some action twice a week, without even trying. Anything I do over and above the normal should be a bonus sticker. Bonus stickers equals’ bonus action, right? I am only trying to operate under the same rules and regulations set forth by Mrs. Whisperer. Hey, it is her system, and I am only asking to be a part of it.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! i need to get me some of those stickers too!

Anonymous said...

This sticker thing does seem flawed. Thanks for the info (and it was amusing).

Nature Girl said...

what I want to know is this, is there a deduction system in place? For instance, a sticker should be deducted for every hmmm how should I say this?...insensitive remark or comment made, no stickers earned if you have to be asked or flat out told to do the trash, or other chores. However, by the same token, bonus stickers should be given if you give unsolicited compliments,backrubs, or foot massages. Heck...I think you should automatically get a
"bonus round" for a foot massage! You know...I gotta go make a chart for my DH now....see ya! Stacie

ieatcrayonz said...

If you ever let this idea slip to my husband, I will hunt you down and you will regret the day you were born.

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say I for one am all for this sticker system, as flawed as it may seem for you kids, It may just work out to your benefit!! so lets not complain that it is flawed therefor we can get stickers for going to work and coming home.....
I must say though I ran this whole sticker system by the "mrs." yeah, its not going to work... she is not and I mean Not buying into it. Maybe you can talk to her for me since you are related....

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping your Mother doesn't read this post!!! Or your wife for that matter. Anyway... if your mom reads this she will be mad that you are talking about getting a 'Piece' in front of her and that you used Names!!!! I was Lamb-Basted last time I mentioned names or initials on this blog!!!

If your wife reads this she will be mad that you are telling all of us that you are not getting a 'piece' and now we all know... But lets face it if you are writing about not getting a piece then this can only help you out!!!!

eclectic said...

So, if you're a good boy, you getta stick 'er?

Jewl said...

I am pretty sure my hubby would agree with your line of thinking...

Judypatooote said...

Men, your all alike.....one thing on your mind....sticker, sticker, sticker....did you ever stop to think how many stickers your wife would get for all she does..... and just don't go pulling any stickers of the boys charts to add to your own.....not fair.....lol

Kari said...

Hmmm...stickers, huh....umm, sure. What ever works.

Lauren said...

I can only imagine how many stickers your wife would have by now.... and if hers cancel out yours, you probably won't be getting any action for quite a while.

LizzieDaisy said...

Yeah, just wondering what you tell the kids when you post your little chart next to theirs. LMAO. My friends use marbles in a jar... they go in for doing their chores, hw, and practicing music lessons... out for swearing or being mean to siblings, making messes and not cleaning up, etc. At the end of the week, allowances are based on the amount of marbles in the jar. Great system. So... you could run that one by her... the amount of balls you have determines the amount of, urm, yeah. Hee.

Good luck with that. :)

And if I were you, I'd just try a little warm baby oil and a nice back rub... preceded by doing the dishes and putting the kids to bed early. That'd work like a charm for me.


Unknown said...

Heh, good luck with that... beware, though... what if she starts taking away stickers for bad behavior...?

Kami said...

What. Ever. ;)

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

That was a great post!

I think we will need lots of posts by the Lawn Whisperer or maybe he should start his own BLOG!

kimmyk said...

I'm with ieatcrayonz...don't let this get around.

or i'll hold ya down while she cuts ya.

Unknown said...

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