Friday, June 10, 2005

She Bangs, She P-sheewws

Last night, we were on the highway when a Rooms To GO delivery truck passed us. Room To Go is the wonderful (sarcasm) furniture store that, while delivering our sleeper sofa scratched the hell out of our hardwood floors. Not just scratched but put a 3 foot gouge across our foyer. Total estimate to fix the floors $1400. Did Rooms TO GO care? Nope.

Anyway back to the highway… As the RTG truck passed, Lauren, in an effort to show her displeasure with the furniture company, put her hand into the “invisible” gun position (forefinger pointing, thumb up) and goes “ P-sheewww, P-sheeww, P-sheeww.”

I looked at her and said, “Is that your gun noise?”


“You need a more masculine gun sound.”


Effie said...

See, the thing is, she had a silencer on her gun--so she could be more stealthy about it....

Susie said...

Good one, Effie. I thought that was sort of a "ricochet" sound she had going there.