Thursday, June 16, 2005

I Am From

This is a cool little writing exercise that has been going around the blog world. It is like Mad Libs memories. The theme is I am From. The format is somewhat simple (I am From______(insert ordinary item), from______(insert product name) And So forth). Since I did not have anything else to write today I figured I would give it a shot.


I am from a towel draped around my neck, from Superman and Batman, Kool Aid and plastic cups with our names written on them.

I am from the one bathroom, stone front house with the base paths worn into the lawn, the hoop in the driveway, which is damp from exploded water balloons and littered with bikes and big wheels and action figures.

I am from the Hyacinth and the 6 bulb potted Tulips, which we sold every year on street corners at Easter (3 for $10). The sweet smell of the hyacinth means spending money.

I am from family dinners, every night, and humor, laughter and practical jokes, from Skipper and Bobbajean and Pop Pop and Dash Riprock.

I am from sticking up for your family and doing the right thing.

From “Don’t hit your bother” and “Poop and boogies” and “You are Rocky’s (the mailman) son”.
I am from CCD and Sunday Mass and “What did she do with the money” and lollipops at the early service. From saying prayers every night with all 9 of us lined up the stairs.

I am from Abington and Philly and Ireland and Cuba and meatloaf and chicken and leftovers.

I am from not showing our report cards because one of us got bad grades and we wanted to protect him from being grounded, from my sister beating up the bullies in the neighborhood.

I am from cardboard boxes and scrapbooks, made for each of us, and shoe boxes. And from the stories that are told so many times they have become legends.


Unknown said...

That's wonderful, William! Wonderful!

Lois Lane said...

Great memories! Thanks for sharing them with us! I too am from many of the same. :)
Lois Lane

c said...

Beautiful. I love reading all these from poems. I just did mine and it was much easier than I thought it would be.

Unknown said...

We eat poop and boogies for dinner too! Incidentally, I am SO glad you know what I mean by that.

Great Blog and very touching post. Thanks for the good read!

Anonymous said...

funny stuff there billy. ive herd the stories before but they are funny every time

little den

Anonymous said...

You are also from station wagons, little league and stolen street signs aren't you?

Great reading!