Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lawn Whisperings

This past weekend the wife and I did a lot of work on our yard. We are determined to win Yard of the Month. It would make my brother proud and jealous. This is some of the “whisperings” over heard as we worked.

"Did you already cut that side back?"
"It doesn’t look like it."

"Motherfucker! That’s the third time I got pricked by those thorns."

"Hon? You cut the electrical cord to the fountain pump with the hedge trimmers."

"Shit. Oww. Damn thorns. "

"Those yellow flowers are pretty. I think I pulled some of those out. I thought they were weeds."

"This tree looks dead. I am going to cut the whole thing down."

"I am going to trim the bush. Heh heh I said Trim the bush."

"Holy shit! I just saw a snake."
"Really? What did it look like? "
"About two feet long and as thick as banana."

"Son of a…. Mother…..Jesus those thorns hurt. "

"What happened? "
"I thought I was just cutting the excess but I cut the whole bush down. "
"That ….sucks. "

"I think the fire bush needs to get cut back."
"Did you say fire bush? Hah heh. "
"I don’t know what it is called. heh I said fire bush."

It may take a few months for us to win the award.

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Unknown said...

Patience. These things take time. :)