Friday, June 03, 2005

One Moment of Passion

Growing up, Sex Education in our house consisted of a talk from my mom. Once we( my 7 brothers and 1 sister) hit the age of 14 or 15 my mom would try to corner us into having a “talk”. I vaguely remember the beginning but I think it began with my mother saying, “ I’m sure you know most of this from school or your older brothers but, are there any questions you may have about…(dramatic pause) sex?”

Now I am quite positive that most of my brothers as well as myself responded with laughter followed by “Mom, I probably know more than you and we don’t need to talk about it.” We would then try to fidget out of the embarrassment of talking.
However, being persistent, Mom would make us sit for a few minutes, in the living room, to listen to her. Why she picked the living room I do not know. It was where the front door was. Inevitably someone would walk in on the conversation, realize what was going on and do a quick about-face and run so they wouldn’t get roped in on the talk.

Mom talked of the usual stuff. How sex was for marriage. How sex was for two people who loved each other and so forth. If we had any questions we should not be afraid to ask and she would answer any question honestly. It was quite difficult to keep a straight face. She would end her “talk” with the phrase we all remember and will probably teach to our kids,
“Remember, one moment of passion can ruin a lifetime.”

“What does that mean Mom?” we would ask.

“It means, what it means. One moment of passion can ruin a lifetime. You could get a disease. You could get a girl pregnant when you are not ready to be a father. Those things could be with you forever.”

Being smart assed teenagers we would come back, “So you are saying I ruined your life?”

“No. Just remember, one moment of passion can ruin a lifetime”

And the sex talk was over. Just like that. Unless of course it was my one brother who would ask questions just to see if he could embarrass my mom. “What’s a labia, Mom?”


Unknown said...

Hello. My name is Kelli. *I* would be said moment of passion. (I was "adopted out" when I was just four days old.

I don't know about "ruining your life", but it can certainly mess it up quite a bit. :)

Cat said...

Aw, Kell! You little moment of passion, you! 'Sup? Enjoying the new digs?

Oh, LOVE the name of this blog, BTW. Your dad was a wise man, William. A wise, WISE man. ;)

Susie said...

You will be telling Max the SAME THING, Mr. "I laugh at Mom"! That terrifies me, for LG. One moment can change everything. Now I'm having a panic attack.

Anonymous said...

With 9 kids, I think you're mom knew more than a little about sex. I don't think she would be very helpful in the birth control department, though.

Anonymous said...

Heh, "What's a labia?" NICE.