Monday, May 16, 2005


We need a babysitter. With no family or friends in the area we are becoming antsy to get out of the house without the kid. It’s not like “we need time for ourselves”. We had a kid. We made the decision to never have time like that again. But, the new Star Wars film is coming out. Batman Begins. Fantastic Four. These are movies that need to be seen on the big screen. Sure I could go by myself, but it is rare that I get to talk superheroes with my wife, without her giving me the “you are total geek” look. So these movies will bring us closer together. They will strengthen us as a couple.
But,you can’t really bring a 1 year old to the movies. So we need a babysitter.

Last week, I’m taking Luna for her evening walk when I see coming towards me, a teenaged girl walking a dog. Of course the dogs have to stop to size each other up. I ask the obligatory, “What’s your dogs name?”
Which the she responds through her braces, “Justin.”
I introduce Luna and then make some small talk and then I blurt out, “Do you baby sit?”
She kind of got a strange look on her face and I realized I might have scared her. So, then I am explaining to the girl that we just moved in, where we are from, where we live and how we are desperate for a baby sitter and that maybe she could stop by with her parent’s of course and talk to my wife and meet the kid and that I am not some lunatic on the street.
She said, “Mmm, ok. Uhhh. Yea.”

She never stopped by. But neither did the cops. So that is a good thing. I guess.


Anonymous said...

haha. I'm glad the cops have not been notified. As soon as Sarah was born I felt like I went from young (hip) adult to creepy old man. Our nanny is 26 and I am 30 but I still feel this paternal thing when I am around her.

My wife tells me stories of when she was a teenager, these nasty, flirtatious, drunk dads taking her home after babysitting gigs so now I am super self-conscious of my newly acquired creepy super powers.

Side note: We don't go to church but we've heard it is a great place to meet sitters. Find a quaker if you can.

Unknown said...

I wish I could help you out there. Finding a good babysitter isn't easy. Good luck!

Lois Lane said...

If you are over 21 years of age, every kid over the age of 10 will give you that odd look no matter what the conversation was about.
And at least you didn't put up a poster board sign that said, "Take Our Kids Please!" Just imagine the strange looks from ALL of your new neighbors. LOL!
Good luck finding someone. Parents do NEED time away from their children.
Lois Lane

Anonymous said...

Bill -
I'm sitting here in your old office thinking just how creepy you had to come across to that poor girl!!! She is probably having artist sketch you as we speak for the police.... Tell me you at least shaved your beard? cause that would be even creepier for that poor girl to explain to the sketch artist. Anyway I think the boss will let me fly down to babysit... not sure just yet. I'm still waiting for an answer. Tell Lauren and Max we all said Hi!!!!