Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mom's Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day. You truly deserve a wonderful day. You gave birth and raised 9 kids. Everyday should be mother’s day for you.

I know I am your favorite child. Well, right next to Jim because he is the baby of the family, and after Sharon, because she is the oldest and the only girl and named her daughter after you. Oh and Patrick because he named a daughter after you. (I think they both did it to guarantee babysitting time from you). And I guess I am after Dennis, because he was the oldest boy and the first to give you a grandchild and he has three nipples. I forgot Kevin would be your favorite before me because after all he is Dad’s favorite so that pulls some weight. Oh and Dan would squeeze in there because he can fix all of your appliances and computer. Michael, I forgot Michael would come next in the line-up of favorites because he only lives a block from you and he still lets you mother him and he shovels your walk in the snow.
Then I guess it would ME.
Then John.

I know Max is your favorite grandchild out of the 19. You told me he was the cutest baby you have ever seen.

Anyway, from your 8th favorite child. I love you!

Mom, I know you laughed at this. Especially the three nipple part, because, c’mon three nipples is always funny.

For real. I love you and miss you. Have a great day!


Lois Lane said...

That is too sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog "Clark". Wish your mom a happy mother's day from the last of eight children.

Nico said...

Hahahahahaha!!! ...and 'three nipples'!! yeah, ALWAYS funny :D
Oh, John will be very pissed off! Hehe
P.S: Your parents were really creative...I mean, choosing 9 names?? And they are all cool ones, too.

Effie said...

Well, at least you're one of the favourites! Teeheehee!