Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Breakdancing Bogart

Our cats are supposed to be on a diet. I call it the Catkins diet because we are supposed to limit their carbs. We give them just the good old canned wet smells like dead mice cat food. That is what the vet recommended. They said the occasional dry food is okay but we should stick to the Meat and meat by-products.

Bogart the largest of two has been starving. He has been waking me up in the middle of the night because he wants food. If I don't get up, he knocks stuff over in the house. He actually breaks things until he gets fed. I am now to the point that I just fill the bowl with the dry food because I know I need my carbs. Plus Bogart is a cat. He chokes on hairballs, licks the other cats butt and kills and eats lizards. Him being overweight is the least of his troubles.

Anyway, Lauren said, "Bill I didn't know we were out of the canned cat food."

"I think there is a can or two left." I said.

She replied, "Not that it makes a difference, because you keep giving them the dry food".

"Well I just can't stand being woken up at night by him breaking things."

I guess she misheard me because she said, "By him Breakdancing?"


Anonymous said...

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Effie said...

My cat could probably use a diet too, but he actually loves that wet smelly cat food far too much, especially the salmon flavour Friskies. If I give him more than a spoonful of that stuff at a time I'm cleaning it up off the floor about 15 minutes later; he INHALES the food and his poor tummy can't handle it--up it comes again, and yet he hasn't learned to slow down! He HATES the dry cat food...

Susie said...

You cain't touch this! STOP! Bogart time!

Anonymous said...

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