Thursday, May 19, 2005

Barnes and Noble the Playground

We went to Barnes and Noble the other night. Lauren wanted to look for decorating magazines and book and my job was to entertain Max. Not that I needed to entertain him in a store full of things he has not touched, slobbered on or ripped to shreds yet.

I let Max explore. In and out of each aisle. If it was at Max level he grabbed it and I put it back. The metal detector type security alarm scanners in the music section fascinated him. He climbed. I took him off. They had brass stanchion poles in the music section as well. He wanted to tackle them. I picked them up. He was then grabbing the brass stanchions and spinning around them like a stripper.

When he got bored it was back through the aisles. This went on for 30 minutes.

After a near catastrophe with a cardboard display filled with Star Wars books, we went to find Mom. Lauren was standing about 30 feet away down an aisle when Max saw her. He started yelling. Not crying, but as if to say, “Hey Mom. You should see all the different things that are in this place. This is awesome. Did you see the train set they have in the kids section?” At the top of his tiny lungs he is babbling up a storm, stumbling towards Mom. As we get to the end of the stack of shelves I realize that Lauren is standing right next to the lounge area where there are about 15 people sitting in chairs and couches reading quietly.

Max of course now has an audience and has to tell them that he climbed the Dr. Suess shelf all by himself. We quiet him down and Lauren goes to pay for her purchases. Since Max was having a great time I let him run for a few minutes, as he has to tell every person we pass about his day. Babble, babble, babble. He approaches a guy in the Sci-Fi section telling his tale. The guy acknowledges Max and smiles. Max walks over and, puts his hands over his head, as if he wanted the guy to pick him up. Max stumbles and plows right into the guy’s groin. The guy groans and drops the book he was reading.

I gave the guy a mumbled apology, and we left immediately.


Unknown said...

Aren't kids great?! I mean, I'll bet you've never had that much fun and adventure in a book store EVER. :)

DCK said...

sometimes I wonder what goes on through their minds... they seem so full of wonder, and so carefree. Can you imagine not having to worry about the things we worry about?? How cool would that be... *sigh* to be a kid again.

Susie said...

Oh God the end made me laugh out loud. That's great he liked the store so much - and that you let him enjoy it.

How old is Max?

WILLIAM said...

I rarely respond to comments.
Kelli and Susie. Thanns for visiting on a regular basis.
Max is almost 15 mos.
Twixie,I know this was you first time here. I hope you enjoyed it.