Friday, May 27, 2005

Haircuts and Hormones

I am at the Hair Cuttery the other day getting my monthly $13.00 cut. The people that work there are pretty nice and friendly. Sometimes, too friendly. Maria is cutting my hair and we are next to Sue the other hair cutterER, who is giving some lady a perm. This is the conversation I had to sit through.

Maria: So now she is on hormone pills?
Sue: Yea.
Maria: That’s crazy.
Sue: Yea she is so young.
Perm Lady: Couldn’t she just have surgery?
Sue: Not until they try the hormones. Something about opening her fallopian tubes.
Maria: Look Down.
Sue: What?
Maria: No I was talking to him.
ME: Oh Sorry.
Maria: I heard Hormones make you all grumpy and stuff.
Perm Lady: Oh, she don’t need any help with that.
Sue: Yea I know she is always bitchy.
Maria: Does our plan cover that? Look Down.
ME: Oh sorry.
Sue: I think.
Maria: It cover’s fertility stuff?
Perm Lady: I am sure companies would.
Sue: I know that hormone stuff gets expensive. My mother had a hysterectomy and she had to buy her hormones. They weren’t cheap.
Maria: I didn’t know you mom had a hysterectomy. Do you want the back squared or rounded?
ME: You’re talking to me right? Whatever you prefer. I can’t see back there.
Sue: Yea like two years ago.
Maria: I will square it. Well if she is getting her hormones covered by the insurance so she can have a baby I think they should cover my birth Control pills so I don’t have a baby.
Sue: Wouldn’t that be great?
Perm Lady: And they should cover Viagra too.
Sue: Hah. If they are gonna cover a girl to get hormones so she can get pregnant, they should cover Viagra so a guy can get her pregnant. Hah.
Maria: Heheh. Hee. What do you think?
ME: Are you talking to me?
Maria: Yes.
ME: Sure I think insurance should cover Viagra.
Maria: No. I meant what do you think about your hair?


Effie said...

Hahaha (cough, cough) hahaha
I could totally see a conversation like that happening at a hairstylist's! And, yes, they should cover Viagra, even though now it has been linked to causing men to go blind--it was on CNN this morning....wasn't it something else that guys do that causes them to go blind, or grow hair on the palms of their hands...

Susie said...

Giggle. You poor guy. My husband comes home from the Hair Cuttery with tales like that. (I just typed "Hairy Cutter"!)