Monday, November 27, 2006

Mothers Anonymous

Lauren joined a M.O.P.S. (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) group a few months back. MOPS provides a good place for Maxfield to meet other kids and for Lauren to meet other moms and learn crafts. Since Lauren has a masters degree in craft-ology she goes just for the social aspect of the group.

Every time she tells me she is going, she says,"I am going the MOPS meeting." I always chuckle because I picture a bunch of women drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes in the basement of a church telling their story.

"Hi. I'm Lauren."

"We love you Lauren."

"I hit rock bottom when I had my second kid in June....."

The other day she was telling me about the upcoming events at MOPS.

"Then we are going to tour a firehouse. Which will be cool for Maxfield to see the fire engines up close. Oh and they are also hosting a moms exchange. "

"Oh really." I said. "Who do I get in exchange for you?"

"Well, there are some real cuties there at MOPS."


Anonymous said...

Get her out of that group. You would not do well. That exchange rate would be too costly for you.

Effie said...

fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Those groups did not exist when I was raising my family. So my neighbor and I just smoked and had tea in my kitchen while our kids played together. These little get-togethers got us through P.P.D. and P.M.S. and K.O.A.R.D.(kids on a rainy day) not to mention H.W.T.M.(husbands work too much). We enjoyed the companionship and knew we were not alone in our daily struggles. Do I smoke? No! But that cigarette with Midge was my relaxing moment. Even when my kids would say, 'I'm telling Dad you were smoking!!!" My husband doesn't like the smell of smokers, he never developed the habit and neither did I, except for those tea times with a friendly neighbor. That's why the kids made such a big deal of it. They thought they had something on me. We didn;t need MOPS or Tops, or any organized group. We made our own. We used to bake together at Christmas and go strawberry picking in June. I cherish the memories. Our kids turned out great! So will yours! Thanks for stirring a fond memory!

eclectic said...

I was on the steering committeefor MOPS when my big kids were little -- even went to a "convention." Goofy as it sounds, it was actually a great place to meet other moms, and a core group of us still hangout occasionally even though we're long past MOPS stage. Saint MOMO9 is right, you need battle buddies sometimes.

Kami said...

Well, here's the truth about the firehouse tour. They aren't going for the kids. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

My wife also goes to MOPS and now I'm glad I can tell Jimmy that yours does so he can stop making fun of my wife.
It is funny when she says she is going to MOPS for Marcus to meet other kids.
Marcus has been suspended twice from Mops and may be facing an absolute expulsion.
My wife goes for the hour without our son that it gives her.

sc@vp said...

MOPS ... cute.

Mine's called: KAMP. (Kids And Moms Playgroup)

I like MOPS better. At least the word's spelled right.

Unknown said...

Heh... William, you'll never find another woman who'll put up with you, er, I mean, love you like Lauren. ;)

Platypus said...

Lovely post. Lauren's a saint... ;0)

Queen Bee said...

Kami, how could you do that to Lauren?

Anonymous said...

to support lauren in the face of these...::ahem:: lies...she is strictly going to the firehouse for maxfield's benefit. any tight heinies and bulging, uh,...muscles...she might see in firemen's uniforms are totally by accident and absolutely the price she's paying for being a great mom. i think she should be applauded, actually. (pssst, lauren, take photos!)

kimmyk said...

Do they have a dad's group?


See, that doesn't work. Doesn't sound right. Or really look right.

Lois Lane said...

Tell Lauren to enjoy the HOT firefighters on her trip to the station. :D

Sorry I am a bad blogging buddy lately. :(

Kami said...

Crap. I let one of the sacred SAHM secrets out, didn't I?

Sorry, girls.

Unknown said...

I heart MOPS. Very much. In fact I am now in MOPS leadership. Tell Lauren she really needs to head up the craft committee! I suck at crafts, and at the last meeting I only got about 1/4 of the way done mine. I have made a ton of new friends through MOPS.