Monday, August 08, 2011

How I Run

So far, in 2011, I have run 303.72 miles. I have ran all of those miles while carrying an iPod Touch (I need music to run) in my left hand with the slack of the earphone cords wrapped around my fingers. Everyday from when I first started running, last year, I told myself I should buy an armband or clip case for my music player. I never did. In the winter my hand froze carrying the iPod. In the summer months, the iPod slips and gets all gross from my sweaty hands.

The other day we went to the Five Below store and I finally bought an armband to carry my music player.

I think the Universal Armband knows a little bit too much about my running.

Except I am also Slow in the light of the day too.


Unknown said...

Hahahaha! I can totally relate to this, because I still haven't bought an armband either and I've been meaning to. They are so expensive! I carry just an iPod on a belt clip but I really want to bring my iPhone so I can use a running app but no way I can carry it, I'd be so afraid of dropping and breaking it. Plus I am BEYOND slow. My running friends don't seem to believe me when I tell them how slow I am.

Jenny said...

Ha! I just starting running this year and the armband was definitely a necessary buy. I'm also slow in the dark (or light).

Anonymous said...

Hey, they just opened a five below near me, I should see if they have that ipod armband. Thanks for the tip.
Do you still ride your bike to work?

Melissa A. said...

Awesome. I bought an armband when I started running this year also. And I don't even run outside most of the time. Usually I'm on the treadmill, but before a 5k I like to run a few times outside to make sure the fresh air won't kill me and I wanted the arm band for that. Plus since I got the new windows phone I have all my music, a phone, and RunKeeper app all strapped to my arm.