Friday, September 17, 2010


This past May, the 17th of May actually, I started an effort to exercise and lose weight. When I started exactly 4 months ago, I weighed 217 lbs. This morning my weight was 189 lbs. I have been hovering abound the 190 mark for the past three weeks. I still count my caloric intake. I still run 5 days a week. But I have not lost any more weight. I have plateaued. I have hit a wall.

Over the course of the past four months anytime I felt a lack of motivation or uninspired something small would set off a spark to keep me going. Whether is was a reading Black Hockey Jesus' monthly running updates or discovering new music by one of my favorite local bands Find Vienna *or finding a new route to take, something would motivate me to get out the door the next morning.

Lately I have been uninspired. Maybe it is the change of weather. Or maybe it is due to the fact that it is pitch black out at 5AM when I do my runs. Or maybe it is due to the fact that I have plateaued and there are no signs of progress.

I switched my exercise routine from P90x to just running for many various reasons. One of those reasons is that Lauren, my wife, one of my biggest inspirations also runs. I was hoping I would be able to train to get to her pace and that eventually we could run together. It would be something we could do as a couple. Having her as a partner would keep me motivated. But with three young boys in the house doing it together is not an option. There is not enough time in the day for Lauren and I to do it together. I would love to be able to get all hot and sweaty and out of breath with Lauren, but well hiring a babysitter so we could do just that would be kind of weird. Yes I am talking about running. So I am stuck doing it by myself, which is getting kind of boring. (this would be a bad spot to say that occsionally my brother Jim has joined me). I am still talking about running.

Lauren has been training all summer for a half marathon that takes place this Sunday. I plan to go down town and watch her race. I am excited and nervous for her. I also know that when I watch her cross the finish line I will be inspired to run again. She has that affect on me.

*I discovered Find Vienna last year at a first Friday event in our small town. They were playing outside of the music shop. I loved the fact that they were performing their own music and that they were really good. I have been keeping an eye and ear on them ever since. They are really good and I think they are going to have a great future. If you like Maroon 5 or The Script you will like Find Vienna.


April said...

Lauren is amazing! You both inspire me. (This was in no way a poor me post, I have never seen a post like that here.)

I'm 9.5 pounds closer to shaking my ass in a pair of leather pants, partially because of you. And because I'm sick of practically passing out every time I button my jeans.

And thanks for the music suggestion. Can't wait to look them up. :)

James (SeattleDad) said...

I actually find a bit of inspiration in this post. I am edging closer to getting up at 5 and starting a workout routine.

Good on you.

Lauren said...

You just made me cry a little. Thank you for being so awesome.

Papa K said...

Man dude... that's an amazing amount of weight loss. I'm 210. I need to lose about 10 lbs and I'm not looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Any bit of inspiration is good. Inspiration from your wife (go, Lauren!!) is even better.

I keep hoping the cooler fall weather will inspire me.

DGB said...

I hope you find your inspiration again. I have lost what little I head years ago. I know that I seriously need to get off my lazy ass and do some work on myself.

One of these days I will follow your lead.

Anonymous said...

How William got his groove back.