Monday, September 21, 2009


I was invited to New York City by Huggies for an event promoting their new diaper called the Little Movers. Actually I was not invited, Jackson was. They asked that he come to NY and try out their line of diapers. After some conversation with Lauren we decided that it would be okay if I took him away for an overnight visit to The Big Apple and a chance to meet some other bloggers and their kids.

Jackson and I boarded a train to NY and let me tell you, if you want to pick up 60 year old plus women, travel with a handsome baby. He was very popular among the blue hair demographics.
On the Amtrak to NY we sat next to a very nice woman who made room for us in the seat next to her. We made small talk towards the end of the journey when she asked if it was Jackson's first train ride. I joked that his older brothers were so jealous of him and his train ride. She asked if we were ever at a train museum and she mentioned a couple.

I said "Yes. We went to the one in ..uhmm...west of Philly...uhmm. " I could not think of the name of the town we visited a few years ago.

The nice lady continued to converse about the museums when the name of train town hit me.

"Intercourse." I said.

She looked at me weird.

"The train museum we went to was in Intercourse PA."

She nodded and continued to talk. I did not really hear anything she said because I could not stop laughing at myself and what she thought of me saying Intercourse.

Jackson and I met and had dinner with Metalia, Mrs Priss, Miss Zoot, Blasian Baby Notes and Torrie. So far we are having a great time.


Anonymous said...

What a life you lead (and Jackson, too)! And you owe it all to Poop and Boogies (and of course, Lauren)!

PS: My 18yo is jealous, esp. if Jackson takes you to see a musical. He recommends The Lion King.

kalki said...

Wait, you were there this weekend? We were there this weekend! Not at Huggies of course, but in New York City. Who knew?! I'm home now. Sounds like you're still there, so have fun!

ps - One of my favorite shirt slogans is "Virginia may be for lovers, but Pennsylvania has Intercourse."

Rachel said...


Please, let me know how Jackson feels about "Little Movers"!

And the intercourse story will have to get told to my husband once he wakes up.

His favorite is the grundle/penis pit story.

SciFi Dad said...

Look at you, all grown up and getting free trips just like a mommyblogger.

Unknown said...

How fun for you! I still haven't figured out how PR companies even find particular blogs to pitch, although I guess yours is WAAAAY more popular than mine so no wonder nobody comes callin' me :) I really miss New York (and Philly of course, but I'll be back there more often). It's funny how even though I didn't visit New York as often as I would've liked, it was nice knowing it was a short hop away.

Bogart said...

What a strange time to be thinking about Intercourse...sitting next to a blue hair with a baby in your lap?

You are a strange man.

eclectic said...

Intercourse on the train... do you get to be in some kind of club now?

Bring us some photos of your adventure, please. But not of Intercourse.


teri said...

Everytime I'm on the turnpike and pass this sign, I wonder "Who the hell named that town"?

I hope you boys had a great time.

James (SeattleDad) said...

You should change the name of your blog to Poop and Boggies and Intercouse.

Has a ring to it.

James said...

If ever a local tourism board had a name to capitalize on.

Sounds like an awesome trip!

Unknown said...

William, I love your words to death! E

New York Hotel said...

NIce post. i didnt know they promoted it in new york. was it a closed event? i reckon i was there after my agent booked me htoel via last minute travel. do they have something new?