Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogger Service Announcement

Recently it has been brought to the attention of the management here at Poop and Boogies and at Dad Vs. Dad that a member of our family has been perusing the Blog-o-sphere and leaving comments on various blogs Anonymously. He may sometimes leave a signature of “William’s Brother” or “LawnWhisperer’s Brother”.

Although we encourage this anonymous blog commenter to read other blogs and to enjoy the experience of blogging, we would like to state that the opinions and statements that he makes in NO WAY reflect the Opinons and Statements of either William or the Lawnwhisperer.

We would also encourage the Anonymous commenting brother to give himself a “handle” as he likes to call it (please note that the Anonymous brother was given a CB Radio by his godfather for his 12th birthday and he seems trapped in the 70’s). We in the computer age would like him to use the phrase "User Name". We suggest the user name for him to use should one of the following: PEZ, The Bowler, Mix Master K, or Carson’s Roommate.

The Managment


jen said...


Nature Girl said...

Ah yes...I ran into your brother in the comment section of someone else's blog, can't remember who, and I thought to myself...could be another up and coming blogger. so when are you guys going to bring him over to the dark side? Stacie

Tammy said...

So funny.

However, I'm feeling a little left out that the only anonymous comments I get are the rude ones.

Anonymous said...

The problem with being anonymous is while on some awesome blogs, they treat you like an outcast. I have tried to float like a butterfly, I have been Kept Left Out Good blogs and others. The entire Lone Star state does not let Pennsyltuckians in. Like Rudolf, I can not play reindeer games.

Lois Lane said...

Okay, I can really help with this problem. My old man being a trucker for half of the year, I know all about handles.
When Mr. Lane first started trucking he thought up the handle "Shadow" because he always wanted another trucker to be his "front door" meaning, "You get the ticket. I'll hide in your shadows."
The trouble with that name was, everyone assumed he was black. One guy actually wanted to fight him for impersonating a black man.
Because the CB community seemed much too serious, my old man changed his handle to "Cupcake". That really blew the trucker folk away. Mr. Lane would say on an open mic, "Breaker 1 - 9, this here is Cupcake. Can I get a radio check?" He was greeted by some who laughed and some who said, "Cupcake? Are you some kind of homo, boy?"
So you tell "Anonymous" AKA, “William’s Brother” or “LawnWhisperer’s Brother” that I would not recommend those two names.
Because your kin are much like mine, I highly recommend he go by the handle, "Mom's Favorite".
How's that for a long-winded comment?
Have a groovy day!
Lois Lane

Anonymous said...

trapped in the 70's....anything like That 70's Show?

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
- www.daddydetective.com

Kami said...

Tee hee.

Unknown said...

Ooo! Can we vote on which one he should use?

I vote for Mix Master K!

Effie said...

I think he left me a note on my blog too...

Effie said...

If we get to vote on his new "handle", he should be Cupcake!

The Q said...

Ah-ha! Yes "Anonymous/William's Brother" visited my site...I did assume he was your brother as you're the only "William" that I know. I responded to his question, but I'm not really sure he wanted to know the answer for real or not ;-)

So will there be a vote as to what name/handle/username he'll end up using?

Unknown said...

Very funny. Wish I could get my mom and my sister to get a user name and stop leaving semi-anonymous comments.

Oh yeah, and Anon, I beg to differ with your statement that the lone star state does not let Pennsyltuckians in. I am a Pennsyltuckian who has been treated quite well by lone star staters.

Steve said...

Hey at least your getting comments. My friends and family email me their comments. I keep telling them to leave the comments on the site. I was told it's too publics. Crikes, you don't have to sign it.

Anonymous said...

i vote for MIX MASTER K
two years ago my vote would be FLOWER POWER

eclectic said...

Breaker 1-9... what's yer handle? Bwahahahahahaha!!! It's like a scene straight outta Smokey and the Bandit! Does Anon/Mix Master look like Burt Reynolds?

Anonymous said...

I got an anonymous comment and I thought to myself, "That sounds sorta like William's voice, but not quite. More like Lawnwhisperer. But Lawnwhisperer wouln't leave an anonymous comment. Hmmmm..."

Now I know! Tell your brother he is welcome anytime.