Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wishes and Visits

Happy Belated Birthday to my sister, Sharon (Sorry I forgot).
Happy Belated Birthday to my brother Dan (Sorry I forgot).
Happy Birthday to my Brother Mix Master K (His is today. I did not forget).

I have lived in Orlando for about 13 months now. Since my arrival in the land of citrus and palm trees, gators and geckos and tourists I have had the benefit of having five of my eight siblings visit the central Florida area. They have come down from Philadelphia for various reasons, vacation, business or sports tournaments.

The five that have made the trip are Pat (Max’s Favorite Uncle), Kevin (AKA Mix Master K), John (Lawnwhisperer), Dan, and the youngest sibling, Jim. (Sharon, Dennis and Mike have yet to make it to Florida).

My brother Dan was the latest to visit and I got to hang out with him on Monday and Tuesday nights. Like every one else in my family, Dan is funny. We had fun and laughed and we had a good time.

After Dan left I did a mental count of how many of my brothers have traveled the 1000 miles and realized that I was lucky to be able to spend time with them. I started to recall each of their visits the circumstances and the time spent together when a thought occurred to me:
My mom only called me one time during all of these visits to check on the traveling individuals, to make sure they were okay. She only called the time Jim came into town to make sure he was safe. Jim is 30 years old.

Apparently she did not care about the Safety of Kevin, Dan, John or Pat. Only Jimmy.

Can you tell who her favorite child is?


Lois Lane said...

High-five to Jim! Babies rule!
Happy birthday to Sharon. I am sorry your brother was so thoughtless and forgot your special day. I mean really, it's not like his has a whole bunch of sisters. Sheesh!
Dan, happy birthday to you too.
And a big on time happy birthday to Mix Master K.
Oh yeah, hi William. :P You really are one lucky dude, ya know it?!
Lois Lane

Kami said...

LOL. And now you have advertised the favorite to the world, and the rest of the sibs.

Effie said...

Happy Birthday to Mix-Master K! You know--only 3 of my siblings have come to visit me since we moved to Hamilton--I admit some of it is distance, but still it would be nice to have everyone over sometime--3 more to go...

Your family loves you to go alllllll the way down to Florida just to visit! My mom is a stickler on making sure people get to their destinations OK--ever since my bad car accident..

Unknown said...


maybe he's not the favorite, maybe he is the one that needs the most 'looking after'...

Anonymous said...

I remember when you posted earlier about her calling during his visit. I, too, am a baby, and I understand how important we are to our mothers. It is a special bond.
But I am so jealous that five of 8 have visited.
I have two sisters and neither have been to our house yet (and no trips planned in the future).

Kari said...

Three or Thirty...he's still the baby!!!!

I'm the baby in our family ummm, yeah...the favorite :)

Anonymous said...

Sharon won't visit because you already admitted your carbon monoxide detector is still in the box.

I can't visit because my wife can't travel. (plus I heard about the "looks"

I'm surprised Dennis hasn't visited. He's always up for free lodging and someone else's wife cooking for him.

DCK said...

it's good to be somebody's favorite... just found out i was my dad's... i had no idea this whole time.

kimmyk said...

Happy bday Mix Master K....Today is mine too! Good to know I'm in good company today!

Hope yours was as great as mine.

The baby of our family.

Anonymous said...

The "baby' is the only one who shares his travel plans. I know when he is leaving town. So there! Actually the two babies share their travels with me. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't know where anyone was.Most of the time, the kids are gone, and I find out just before they're coming home. The "compound" does very well with sharing.If we're going away, we tell each other, if we're going to the grocery store, all of us know. We meet in church, have breakfast together, sometimes even have dinner together. Some must live far away, some stay close to home. What can I say? The mom is always the last to know, and the one to blame for everything! That knowledge came to me early on. Children are a blessing, aren't they? I keep telling myself that!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm taking care of two grandchildren next week. Have no idea where their parents are going.????????