Thursday, April 12, 2012

To the Rescue

Some of the following story may be embellished just a bit.

You know the saying "the camera adds 10 pounds",  I believe there should be an addition to that stating pictures posted to Facebook add another ten.

In an effort to lose two of the three chins I have, I decided to make a concerted effort to lose 18 pounds. That is 9 pounds a chin. The best way to lose weight is a combination of diet and exercise.

Almost every day, I take my lunch hour and run between 3 and 5 miles at very nice township park close to my office. The park has various paths of different distances that circle, cut through, criss-cross and interweave the playground, soccer fields, pavilions and small preserved wooded and grass nature areas. The largest paved path circles the perimeter of the 100 acre park with a lap distance of 1.2 miles.

I think I recently posted about how I have been running with Vibram Five Finger Shoes which causes a few stares and a few questions from other people at the park.

On very cold days I also wear a Balaclava , long dark parts and a long sleeved dark running shirt. Some days I look like a ninja with iPod wires dangling out of my neck.

About a month ago I went on my lunch time run on a very cold but sunny say. I was making great time with my first mile at an 8:15 pace. I ran past the main pavilion and started to make the first turn that headed towards the nature areas. About 10 yards ahead of me I noticed a big bunch of keys in the middle of the path. Without missing a step and keeping pace I gracefully swept up the keys in my right hand. I knew someone would be in desperate need of these keys. I figured I would get back to the parking lot and see if anyone was missing keys. Or I could hit the panic button on the key fab setting off the alarm and wait to see who would claim the large heavy key filled ring. It was cold day so the park was not that crowded.

I made the second turn on the outer path which tucks behind some tall grasses and clusters of trees. This part of the track also dips down off of a small knoll for about 150 yards. This is only part of the track that is not visible from the main park. I looked up ahead and noticed a blond woman, about 50 years old, walking towards me. She had a worried look on her red face. Her hand was placed across her upper chest and she was clearly out of breath. I held up the keys and yelled, "DID YOU LOSE YOUR KEYS?"

She nodded.  A faint look of relief replaced the wrinkles on her face. As I ran closer I realized that the woman was Marion from my office.

I slowed down and handed her the keys. I started to run in place.


She shook her head and gave me a perturbed look.


I nudged her elbow and made her turn in the direction I was heading. She resisted. Her eyes went wide. I gave her a funny look and realized that since I had my Balaclava on she did not recognize me. This is what she saw.

I quickly removed the mask. Her look went from worried to perplexed to embarrassed.

"C'MON LET'S RUN. WE'LL FINISH UP OVER BY," I turned down the volume on my ipod, " THE PARking lot."

She turned and started to jog with me. We ran about fifty yards when she started to cough and wheeze. She sounded horrible. Red blotches bloomed from her cheeks and tears filled her eyes.

"I can't do this." She rasped, sounding like an old lady who had smoked for 60 years. She stumbled.

With lightning like reflexes I reached out and steadied her preventing her from falling. I slowed down and asked if she was okay.

"I...can't...breath." She choked out.

We were at the point on the path that was the furthest away from the parking lot. I stopped running.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Marion explained, between huffing and puffing, that she too was running on the path but was overcome with an asthma attack. She started towards her car when she realized she lost her keys. She had to backtrack to find them. She then started to panic because she was alone, couldn't breath, she was the furthest point away from he car, and was in a spot where no one could see her if she passed out. She was happy to see me with her keys but did not know who I was. Besides the balaclava, the tighter running shirt and pants and my muscular physique must have thrown her off. When she discovered it was someone she knew she was embarrassed.

I escorted her across the fields and made sure she made it back to the office.

Basically, as I like to tell her almost everyday, I saved her life. I was like a superhero, mask and all.

I have tried a few different websites to monitor my diet. The two I liked best were SlimKicker and Lose It. My wife Lauren is having great success with Lose It (she has worked off about 20lbs) and that is now my preferred calorie counting site. So far I am down 1 chin.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it just be easier to wear the balaclava everywhere instead of all that running?

- Josh

Melissa A. said...

I can recommend the LiveStrong app for food/calorie tracking as well. LoseIt isn't available for Windows phones..or I'd give that a try.

Melinda said...

Good story! I feel bad for Marion. Thank goodness she is OK and you were not a crook but her hero.
I took some rubbish to the tip and I knocked my keys into the vast skip without realising I had done it. I was panicked when I got back to my car and couldn't find my keys. After 1/2 hour I couldn't find them and was crying. (because I am a big baby and didn't want to tell my husband that I had lost the keys) The chap at the tip asked me what was wrong and I said I must have thrown my keys in when I put my rubbish in the skip. He was lovely and found them in 10 minutes for the skip. I was very grateful. My hero. I went back and brought him a present and a card. He was so surprised.
Keep up the good deeds and weight loss, Bill! I think you are plenty cute with 2 chins.

Anonymous said...

1. I fear drowning. I dream of it whenever i am particularly stressed.

2. I hate feet unless they are attached to a ba1by.

These are 2 important things to remember as relief was not my first thought as the land lost scuba man with glowing feet was running towards me. This was apparently hell...and from the looks of it fire wasn't involved. He was only missing the sickle.

Hero? Yeah, this about sums up who/what my superhero would look like...but I always thought they had some special "sense" as to trouble...Spiderman had spidey senses right...this was completely missed as you said "hey, come on lets run"...missing the whole tears streaming down my oxygen deprived purple face while doubled over hacking. Lack of oxygen must blur the memory.

Ok Scuba Squidoo, I guess a public thank you is in order. I just hope you fine tune those squidoo senses as to the details of this story that shall come back to haunt you.

Anonymous said...

I thought baclava was Greek food

James (SeattleDad) said...

Baclava, it's Turkish pastry. Very tasty and looks better than the shoes. But you must have had a good time with her on that one.

Whit said...

Was the embellished part your 8:15 mile?