Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Play Second Base

In order to play the position of 2nd base on a baseball team one must first dress the part. A ball cap, a glove, cleats and eye black are all the important parts of the 2nd baseman's uniform and equipment. Most important is the eye black. A second baseman has to look good.
A second baseman must be quick on his feet and ready to move at the crack of the bat. He should position himself between the first base bag and the second base bag for optimum visibility
It is in this gap between bases, along the edge of the infield grass, that the best bugs and dirt are found. Playing second base requires the ability to identify each bug and then determine whether it gets set free or squashed.

A second basemen also needs to have excellent hearing so he can hear his father/coach yell directions to him from the outfield. The standard baseball direction terms usually are "pay attention","look alive", "eye on the ball" and "holy cow how many times do I have to tell you to get up off the ground".

Once a ball is hit a second baseman's first moves should be towards the ball. His momentum should either direct him to a bag to cover, or to the ball itself to make a play.

Sometimes that momentum and the ability to throw the ball to the right bag results in the batter being called out. The OUT results in the coach/father to smile, run in from the outfield to give his son/player a congratulatory five.

While on offense a second baseman is also required to bat. In the event of a hit the second baseman should run as fast as he can to the base. Sometimes fast is not fast enough and the second baseman will be called out.
Being called out usually makes a second baseman sad, but that is okay, as long as long as he looks good.


We just finished our Little League season. I had a good time coaching and I think Maxfield had a good time playing. I am looking forward to coaching Wyatt next year.

All photographs were taken and copyrighted by Sharon Monaco and used with permission of the photographer.


Anonymous said...

Ever since I can remember, I have always been a huge fan of second base

Bogart said...

Second base is the best...no babies that way!

eclectic said...

Most baseball writers shy away from the all-important issue of bug identification, determination and execution or redemption and the effects it has on not only the second-base players, but also short-stops, third-basemen and occasionally outfielders. It's nice to see someone tackle the issue in a straight-forward, technical manner as you do here.

Congrats on what looks like an awesome season!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are the BEST! So is Maxfield! Kids can play ball and appreciate nature at the same time...only in childhood! When real competition enters into the game, nature is forgotten....Enjoy it, Max! (while you can)

The Absence of Alternatives said...

His blue eyes are mesmerizing like calm ocean water. And in the pictures he seemed so poised. Sometimes little children surprise me by how much mental strength they have inside.

for a different kind of girl said...

I have learned that a big part of being a good baseman is 'creeping in' after the pitch. Alas, in Little League, learning how to creep in apparently means making super creepy faces, too. It's fun, but I don't think they make concessions for that in the big league contracts.

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