Thursday, June 02, 2011


Over the years people have asked me what I like best about blogging. Sometimes I like the community and social aspects that blogging has exposed me to. Sometimes I like just having a forum to write and practice telling stories. Other days the best part of blogging is the feedback left by others. Whether they be negative or positive comments it is always nice to know there is an audience from what I write.

Lately my favorite part about blogging is having the ability, pretty much from anywhere I have Internet access, to look at the past six years of my life.  Every now and then I like to go through the archives and look at lucky I am to have such a colorful life.

This picture was taken in August of 2008. A rainbow over our neighbors the Jones' house. Lauren was pregnant with Jackson, Wyatt just a toddler, and Maxfield is waist high. Life was good.

This picture was taken last week. My family standing in the Jones' driveway under a rainbow. Jackson is now the toddler, Wyatt is about to go into kindergarten and Maxfield is chest high.

Life is still good.


Susie said...

This makes me tearful, Roy. It reminds me of a country song from some years back, it might have been called "My Front Porch, Looking In." The gist of it was, the singer had been all over the world and seen many beautiful sights, but "the view I love the most is my from my front porch looking in." That's what I thought when I saw your photo -- yea, rainbows are nice, but wow, look at those four people in the yard. :)

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what was at the end of the rainbow. Apparently a 2005 GMC Envoy?

Melissa said...

how creepy am I? Wyatt is part of my heart...and it slays me that my sweet little boy is about to start kindergarten.

and DANG how tall is Max now.

my last hope of keeping them small is Jackson.

oh nooooooooo Mr. Bill...make it stop!

Keia said...

So I'm thinking you all really like the Jones'....(smile)

(love the GMC Envoy comment)

Life is good!

Michelle said...

That is BY FAR my daughter's favorite song from the Here Comes Science album! Love it!

Got to see your family today! The boys (Wyatt & Jackson) were so adorable! Having girls it's always good to see boys & yours are definitely cuties! Oh yeah, it was good to see Lauren too!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere under the rainbow,
Three boys play.
They play under the rainbow,
And have a happy day.
Somewhere under the rainbow,
Boys have fun.
They like it under the rainbow.
Spreading smiles to everyone!

Thanks for the smile!

Bogart said...

You still have a beautiful family...those pictures are particularly telling since you are not in them.

kalki said...

And your wife is still hot! (Been catching up on your blog - so glad to see you're still writing, and that your family is still doing well. Hugs!)